Caribbean Dreams Earwarmer Headband- Free Pattern


Caribbean Dreams Ear Warmer Headband

© Amanda Bryant 2019

Materials Used:

Cloudborn Fibers Superwash Highland Worsted Wool yarn-  color “Caribbean”. About 100-125 yards. (200 yards/184 meters, 3.5 oz/100 g, Worsted “4” weight)

Size I/9 5.5 mm hook

Yarn needle (for weaving in ends)


Tape measure

Finished Measurements: Width of band about 3 ¾ inch, circumference 20 ½ inches (will stretch comfortably to 22 inches)

Gauge: 5 dc and 2 rows of dc- 1 inch

Special Stitch: X-ST- sk the next st, DC in the next st, DC in the sk st (working behind the DC just made).

Abbreviations Used (American Terminology):

Ch- chain

RS- right side (of work)

WS- wrong side (of work)

DC- double crochet

X-ST- cross stitch (see special stitch explanation above)

FC- foundation chain

Sl st- slip stitch

Sk- skip

St- stitch


Ch 18

Row 1 (RS)- DC in 4th Ch from hook (the ch-3 made counts as the first DC) and in each of the next 4 ch. **Sk the next ch, DC in the next ch, DC in the sk ch (working behind the DC just made). Repeat from ** 2 more times (for a total of 3 X-STS). DC in each of the next 5 ch. Turn. (10 DC and 3 X-STS made.)

Row 2  (WS)- Ch 3 (counts as a DC here and throughout). DC in each of the next 4 DC. X-ST in each of the next 3 x-sts. DC in each of the last 5 DC. Turn.

Repeat Row 2 until band is 20 ½  inches long (or your desired length), ending by working a RS row.

Next fold the headband in half lengthwise, with RS’s facing each other, (FC end and last row worked). Ch 1, sl st across (through each DC and each unused loop from the FC). Cut yarn and fasten off. Weave in yarn tails.