Winning Ways Throw DONE!

I did it! I did it! I finished the V-Stitch blanket (throw) completely! Even the yarn tails are weaved in! Hurray! lol


This photo, above, shows the size of it on a queen sized bed.  It is 44 inches wide by 66 inches long. I used 5 cakes of Mandala Baby yarn, in the color Far Far Away, and a 5 mm hook. There was no pattern for it, but I did follow a stitch pattern called “Winning Ways” which I found in a Leisure Arts book (which you can find/buy here, but I bought my copy at Walmart).

In this photo, below, you can see a close-up of the stitching, as well as the color pattern. The pattern consists of chains, sc, and v-stitches. It is very simple and “mindless”. The second and third rows of the pattern are simply repeated until you’ve had enough, lol.


Here’s Olivia impatiently waiting for photos to be done so that she can use the blanket…


And last, but not least, here is a photo of the little monkey snuggled up under it on her little roll-a-way bed. I think she’s claimed the blanket for herself 🙂


I thought about putting a border around it. I saved a small amount of yarn from the end of each cake, just in case, but in the end I decided to just leave it as it is.

And that is it. Now I can move on to other projects 🙂



Weekly Update- April 22, 2018


Well, not much has really happened this week to provide a very good read….so….let’s get it over with, lol…

I still haven’t tied in all the yarn tails on the Ripple Blanket I finished last month.

The first Monthly Crochet On The Brain Newsletter hasn’t even been looked at, let alone worked on.

I haven’t begun working on a remake/revision of Olivia’s Chocolate Milk Hoodigan pattern yet.

I have not frogged my knit sweater yet…I’m a bit reluctant, still. I put a lot of hours into it, but I know I’ll never finish it.

The only time I touched the white doily I’ve been working on for the past month or so was just to move it out of the way so I could open up the box that it’s sitting on.

We did not make it to Olivia’s dental check-up this week. We decided to reschedule it for the same day that she has her vision check-up, next month, as it’s all in the same building and will be easier. I really don’t like going out into the world more than I absolutely have to, lol.

Now, for what I DID accomplish this past week:

Having apparently put aside all of my other projects, I worked steadily (as much as I could, anyhow), on my V-Stitch blanket.  Yesterday I started the fifth (and final) cake of Mandala Baby yarn. I figure about another week and it should be done. Maybe sooner if it’s all I do, lol. This is an outdated photo, but it still looks the same…just bigger, lol. I originally wrote about it here on my April 8th Weekly Update post.


The weather has been pretty awesome lately, so we’ve resumed taking our daily walks again. Here’s a few nature shots from those walks. The Roadrunner,  Bugs & Babs, and a not-so-tumbly tumbleweed.  (I took that left turn at Albuquerque over four years ago and I STILL get excited when I see a Roadrunner, lol.)

So that is all for today, friends. I apologize if I’ve bored you. Hopefully this coming week will provide a bit more entertainment.

Happy Hookin!


Weekly Update- April 15, 2018


Well it’s been a productive week. My biggest accomplishment being that I finished making (designing) Olivia’s Chocolate Milk Hoodigan yesterday, which, in case you missed it,  you can read in detail about HERE. I am still extremely (and perhaps overly) enthusiastic about it! I’m still giving myself a huge pat on the shoulder about that! 🙂 Also, I am pleased that this sweater has received so much positive attention. I included a link to my post about it on my personal Facebook page and I am actually surprised at how many people have “liked” it, or even commented on it. My posts on Facebook usually don’t grab so much attention! I think many people visited the blog to find a pattern for it, but of course, the pattern hasn’t been published, yet. While I was going to wait a bit to re-do the pattern, I am now thinking that I might just start working on it sooner rather than later. I do have a couple of other WIP’s on the go, but nothing overly important.

Last Tuesday I put together a “Lightweight Shawl & Wrap” Pattern Round-up, which you can check out by clicking HERE. Although it was warm here in Albuquerque for a few days this past week, more northerly (and cold) areas will be warming up very soon too. A nice shawl or wrap will be, in my opinion, a welcomed change from the bundles and layers worn for the past few months!

My husband’s birthday was last Sunday, which I did write about in last week’s “Weekly Update”, but that was BEFORE we ate cake, lol. The cake was absolutely delicious and hurt my extra-sensitive teeth so much! But was well worth it 🙂  If you missed that post, and would like to drool over a photo of cake, you can see it here  😛

Mid-week we did went to see the tax lady and got that all out of the way (for another year anyhow). Olivia absolutely loves riding the bus. I can’t keep her sitting down; she just HAS to look out the window (and talk and talk and talk). She’s a very social child and everyone adores her ❤ In a few more days she’ll be doing it all again, as she has a dental check-up on Tuesday morning. However, that’s within walking distance, so if the weather is nice we might just skip the bus altogether.

Newsletter Update- Ah, that newsletter…it’s going nowhere, still, lol. My intentions are good though! Like I said in last week’s update, I need to come up with content.  While I figure that all out, I’ll still be accepting sign-ups, of course.

Well, I hope I didn’t bore you too much with this week’s update, lol. I must get going now and figure out what I’m going to do with the rest of the day. Lazy Sunday. Probably Crochet 🙂 ❤

Enjoy what remains of your weekend!

Until next time,


Olivia’s Chocolate Milk Hoodigan- Done!


Catchy name, huh? lol

I’m happy to announce that this sweater is finally DONE! Yippee! I am very, very, very, VERY excited about it, as it’s my biggest crocheting accomplishment to date, aside from actually learning to crochet. It is the first sweater that I’ve designed on my own, and it wasn’t as painstaking to do as I had originally thought it would be.  And I finished it while there’s still a chill in the air! Woot! Woot! lol. Although it was in the low 80’s for a couple of days this past week, yesterday it cooled down to the 50’s and isn’t suppose to get really warm again for at least a few more days 🙂

My intention was to publish the pattern for it here as soon as it was completed, but there are a few things that need to be worked out and changed about it. But all in all, it looks great (gotta love my humbleness, lol), despite any flaws in the pattern.

It took about 1 1/2- 14 oz cones of Peaches & Creme cotton yarn (so, approximately 21 oz/600 g; 1059 yards/967.5 meters), using a size J-6.00 mm hook and the “Moss Stitch”. The colorway is called “Chocolate Milk” (obviously how I came up with the name for this sweater). Oh, and 7- 3/4 inch buttons. I can’t help but wonder if an odd number of buttons looks ok? It’s the only way I could work out the buttonhole band so that all of the buttons were evenly placed.

I would like to attempt to make this sweater again, but perhaps using acrylic yarn instead. This would mean working out the gauge again with the slightly different yarn. I would use the same weight class, but of course that doesn’t mean it would be the same thickness.  Having said this, I need a break from this “big” project for a while, so I will be working on simpler, and more mindless, projects until I get the ambition to make this sweater again.

Here are a few more photos.  See the bunny in this first one?


It was a wonderful afternoon for a stroll in the new sweater. Olivia’s very pleased with it. In fact, she gave me two thumbs up!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read.

Until next time, Happy Hooking!


25 Free Lightweight Shawl & Wrap Patterns


Spring has sprung! Well, depending on where you live anyhow. Here in Albuquerque it’s been sunny and warm (it reached 82°F here a couple of days ago!).  The perfect weather for a lightweight shawl! I’ve tried to comprise the list with shawls and wraps that are made of lighter weight yarns, as well as ones constructed with loose stitches.

All links have been tested, however, if you should come across a dead link please let me know and I will update this list.



**Disclaimer- I do not own the copyright to any of the photos above, nor am I trying to claim any of the patterns as my own designs.**

1. Alpaca Your Wrap by Moogly

2.  Blueberry Hill by Stitches N Scraps

3. Broomstick Lace Wrap by Crochet N Crafts

4. Butterfly Stitch Prayer Shawl by njSharon AND DebiAdams

5. Coral Fringe Triangular Shawl by Undeniable Glitter

6. Coral Glam Wrap by Oombawka Design

7. Crochet Heart Shawl by Gypsy Cat Crafts

8. Fights On Shawl by Melody’s Makings

9. Fortune’s Wrap by Moogly

10. Heathered Eyelets Wrap by Fiber Flux

11. Islamorada Half-Hexagon Crochet Shawl by Kristin Omdahl

12. It’s A Sunny Day Shawl by Vicarno

13. Justine Shawl by Underground Crafter

14. Lacy Gold Wrap by Posh Pooch Designs

15. Land and Sky by JessieAtHome

16. Lazy Waves Shawlette by Look What I Made

17. Lightweight Shawl by Crochet ‘n Create

18. Lisa’s Shawl by The Blue Brick

19. Penelope’s Flirty Shawl by Simply Collectible

20. Rings Fling Wrap by Kim Guzman

21. Soft Shell Pashmina by Happy In Red

22. Solomon’s Knot Whisper Wrap by Petals To Picots

23. Sweet and Simple Shawl by Bizzy Crochet

24. Tea Time  by JessieAtHome

25. Wrap Me in Ice Cream Shawl by Left in Knots


Weekly Update- April 8, 2018


I’ve been wanting to start this for quite some now, that is, a weekly update. Not just a review of what I’ve been doing on the blog, but of anything that’s going on in my life and environment. Crocheting, of course, being the center of attention. I could say that I’m just always so busy, and that’s why I’ve not done this yet, but that wouldn’t be entirely true. Sometimes I’m just too tired or lazy, and sometimes I second guess myself and think, “What’s the point?”. Well, the point of it is to share and remember. This blog, so far, has been more or less a place where I publish my original patterns and WIP’s to share with everyone, but recently I’ve been wanting it to be more.  Not only would I like it to be resourceful, but I’d like it to be a place where I can go to and look back on my crocheting journey, as well as other moments and milestones in my personal life. A sort of journal, but not private and not overly personal, not full of deep thoughts and emotions. Light and airy, uplifting and helpful. And so now with having created the first published update, it provides me with the incentive to keep going. It will now be expected of me to produce a new update every week!

So. Having said all that, let’s get on with it!

First and foremost, it’s my husband’s birthday today! He says he’s only 26 years old, but that’s up for debate, lol. (That would make me only 13 years old!). We don’t have any real big plans for today. We already went out for a stroll around the block this morning. Now hubby’s sipping a glass of wine, Olivia’s napping, and I’m sitting here in front of the computer with my coffee. After dinner tonight (steak!) we’ll enjoy some birthday cake.  I took a photo of it, shown below. It’s gonna be YUMMY! (Hopefully my teeth won’t be aching too much after eating it!).


At the beginning of March I decided to finally try my hand at designing a sweater for my daughter Olivia. I did many, many gauge swatches and researched online about sizing (not all sizing charts are the same, so I had to guesstimate and use Olivia’s measurements to come up with the right size for her). After a number of attempts I came up with something that works. I am using Peaches & Creme cotton yarn (just started on the second 14 oz cone of it), color “Chocolate Milk”, a size J-6 mm hook, and the Moss Stitch. It’s about a size 4 children’s. But with Olivia growing so quickly, I don’t think it will fit her in the fall. So I will have to make a larger one after I finish this one. I wanted to share my pattern with you here when it’s done, but I’ve discovered a mistake I made while making the hood and I need to fix that, which I will do when/if I make a larger one. Also, IF I make another one, I’m thinking I might use acrylic yarn (most likely Red Heart Super Saver) instead.

Here is a photo of what it currently looks like. I just started making the first sleeve yesterday (well, I actually started the sleeve a couple of weeks ago, but couldn’t get it right so I put it down for a while). You can see in the photo the buttons that I’ve chosen to use on the sweater.


Next, here are a couple of photo’s of Olivia modeling the sweater, before I started on the sleeve. I shared these photos on the Facebook fan page a while ago, and as I stated there, while I think the hood looks kind of Gnomish or Pixieish, Olivia’s thinking more along the lines of Dinosaurish, lol.

Around the middle of March I broke down and bought 3 cakes of Mandala Baby yarn (color “Far Far Away”). News of the price of it being reduced at Walmart was circulating around Facebook, and so I just couldn’t resist! I didn’t have a project in mind for it at the time, so I browsed the internet looking for ideas and/or patterns. In the end I decided to create a blanket with it. However, I didn’t want it to look like all the other blankets (I’m not really a trendy person), so I dug out a stitch pattern book and created my own.  I’m using a V-Stitch pattern called “Winning Ways” from the book shown below (published by Leisure Arts, available at Walmart), and a 5 mm hook. It’s about 44 inches wide, but I’m not sure how long it is as I haven’t measured it lately.  I did have to buy two more cakes of the yarn (luckily the store still had cakes of the same dye lot), because I don’t want the blanket to be square. It should be about 60 inches long when it’s done, give or take. I will probably also add a border to it. I just started on the fourth cake a couple of days ago.


And last but not least, I’m slowly working on a doily. It seems that every week or two I do another round in it. Working with crochet thread is really a strain on my eyes, plus, I have to pay extra attention to the stitching and following the pattern (and I need quiet and no interuptions for that!).  I am following this pattern. It is called “Dreaming of Spring Doily” by Olga Poltava. Only a few more rounds and I am done 🙂


Oh, and before I forget, that sweater I was knitting for myself (mentioned here) is heading for the froggy pond. In it’s place, I’m going to either make a knit poncho (I found an easy pattern which uses far less yarn than the sweater) for myself, or maybe even another blanket.

And the final order of business…that monthly newsletter that I’ve been talking about for a few months. It’s not been started yet. You can still sign up for it, I just don’t know when exactly it will begin. I need to come up with content. Which means I need to be more active here on the blog. I often find that there’s just not enough time in a day. If only I could just snap my fingers and have everything done all at once, lol. (But I do enjoy the physical process of doing things!).

Ripple Blanket Done (kind of)


I’ve finished my Ripple blanket…kind of. I still have to sew in all of the yarn tails from all of the color changes (which is quite a lot!), but that’ll have to wait until I have a couple of toddler (help) free hours. I actually finished it a few days ago, and I was planning on publishing a post about it when all the yarn tails were done, but I think that’s going to be a little while longer. So instead of waiting I decided to just snap a photo of it and show it off now before the dust on it gets too thick, lol (it’s folded and waits silently in a corner).

The pattern that I followed can be found HERE. It is called “Large Ripple Afghan Crochet Pattern” by Lauren of Daisy Cottage Designs.

I used a J-6 mm hook and 22 colors of yarn, mostly Red Heart Super Saver, with a couple of colors using Mainstays yarn (Walmart) and Crafter’s Secret (Hobby Lobby). I started this blanket with the intention of using up my left-overs, but as it progressed I realized I wasn’t going to have enough left-overs to make it the size I wanted. So I had to buy more yarn. Now my left-overs pile of yarn is even larger than when I first started! On the bright side I now have a huge array of colors to work with on future projects! While making the blanket, with so many colors, it gave me a chance to see which colors worked well with other colors, and it’s given me inspiration on other things to make!

The blanket took about 44-45 hours to make (that excludes a bit of frogging time here and there, lol). I began making it the beginning of February (which I wrote about here), so I am actually a bit excited that I whipped it up so quickly. The last (and first) Ripple Blanket that I made took me a couple of years to complete! (which you can read about here).

The blanket worked out to be about 5 feet wide by 6 1/2 feet long. The pattern of 22 colors I repeated three times. So if we do the math, that means 22 colors x 2 rows each= 44 rows. 44 rows x 3= 132 rows. Plus, when I got to the end, I decided to do the beginning color one more time. So, 132 rows + 2 more rows= 134 rows. Whew! (I’ll let YOU figure out how many yarn tails need sewing in! lol)

Now that the blanket is “done”, I have more time to work on my other projects. I’ve got a handful on the go but am thinking about visiting the frog pond for a couple of them (I’ll write about those at a later date)

Happy Hooking Everyone!


P.S. Here’s a list of colors I used (All are Red Heart Super Saver unless stated otherwise):

  1. Delft Blue
  2. Pale Yellow
  3. Spring Green
  4. Cherry Red
  5. Light Pink (Crafter’s Secret)
  6. Flame
  7. Light Blue
  8. Amethyst
  9. Bright Yellow
  10. Minty
  11. Royal Blue (Mainstays)
  12. Grenadine
  13. Aran
  14. Real Teal
  15. Green (Mainstays)
  16. Coffee
  17. Flamingo
  18. Freshmint
  19. White (Crafter’s Secret & Red Heart Super Saver)
  20. Orchid
  21. Burgundy
  22. Turqua

And then I did 2 more rows of Delft Blue to finish it off.