Free Patterns

Below you will find a photo list of all of my original, free crochet patterns. Just click on the title of the pattern (shown in red on the bottom of each photo) and you will be taken to the pattern. If you wish to share my patterns with others, kindly refer them to this blog. You can share a link directing people to the pattern on your website or social media site. You are more than welcome to sell the finished products you make using my patterns, but please don’t sell the pattern, and don’t take credit for the designs that I worked hard to create. Thank you!

If you’re a knitter too, please check out Amanda Bryant Knit Designs on my blog Sometimes, She Knits.

Amigurumi Patterns

Hat, Earwarmer, Mitten & Scarf Patterns

Poncho & Wrap Patterns

Bags, Purses, Pouches

Household Patterns

For The Baby Patterns

(Check the “Hat, Earwarmer, Mitten & Scarf Patterns” section above for baby hats & mittens)