Pattern Roundups

Below you will find a list of all pattern roundups I have published here on Crochet On The Brain. As I create more I will add them to the list.  Unless I specify otherwise, these patterns are not my own. I am in no way trying to claim these designs as my own, I am simply acting as a curator and sharing links to the sites where these patterns have been published.

Mermaid Tails – a small list of Mermaid Tail patterns I made up, before I heard about “roundups “.

Lovey’s – a small list of Lovey patterns I made up, again before I heard about “roundups”.

Top 10 of 2017– a compilation of the 10 most viewed patterns during 2017, which were designed by me (Amanda Bryant)

20 Free Crochet Bunny Patterns

25 Free Lightweight Shawl & Wrap Patterns

10 Free Baby Bonnet Patterns- Roundup

15 Free Sun Hat Patterns

15 Free Tote & Bag Patterns

6 Free Butterfly Patterns

A Round-Up Of All My Winter Hat Designs (All of which were designed by me…Amanda Bryant)

5 Free Turkey Hat Patterns

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