Chugging Along

A preview of what’s to come…

This is almost complete. In the end it will be a scarf. I’m using Red Heart Unforgettable,  in the color “pearly”.  I love the striping effect and the fuzzy fibres. I’m using a 6mm hook and coming up to the end of the second skein.  I was thinking of trying to make a matching hat, but I’m also thinking I’d like to try knitting a hat with this yarn instead. I have one skein of it left.

And this is going to be a slouchy hat, comprised mostly of clusters. I’m using Vanna’s Choice in the color “periwinkle “, with a 6mm hook.

My yarn bin is overflowing.  It seems to be that as I use up one skein I replace it with 2 or 3 more skeins, lol. I told my husband that I’d like to sign up for one of those yarn-of-the-month clubs but his lack of enthusiasm about that idea leads me to believe that I should use up at least some of what I’ve got on hand before mentioning that idea again, lol.

A few days ago I picked up 5 skeins of Caron Simply Stripes in the color “jersey shore”. I can picture it becoming a c2c or perhaps a kids poncho or hat, scarf and mitten set.

I have a few amigurumi projects in the works, but they’ve been put on hold. I find it very difficult to work on them, especially the assembly of them, with my daughter hanging off of me.

I would really love to try to knit a shawl or wrap. I’ve crocheted many in the past, but never knit one. I have 4 skeins of Lion Brand Landscapes in the color “boardwalk”, and I think that would look great as a shawl or wrap, but I don’t know if 4 skeins is enough.

I could go on and on about what yarn I have and my ideas for what they will become, but, I think I should spend some more time working on my current WIP’S first! Lol

On that note, I’m off to see what progress I can make on my projects today…

Enjoy your Sunday!

Amanda 🌹⚘🌼

Progressing with leftovers for Valentine’s Day

So, yesterday I went through all my leftover’s and separated my worsted weight yarns (mostly Red Heart Super Saver with some Bernat mixed in) into “Valentiney” colors and “other” colors. This is what it looked like:

Then I sat and thought about what Valentine’s Day projects I could turn this mess into. This is what happened:

So far I have one stuffed heart and an armless, hairless and almost faceless doll, lol. I hope that I’ll have the doll finished by sometime tomorrow. Then, if it all works out well enough, I can share the pattern with you.

Have a wonderful day 🙂


WIP Wednesday- Week #2

Well it’s that time of the week again. A day to show off all the many projects I’ve been working on. Too many, I think, lol 🙂

First off, and you’ll know this already if you’ve been keeping up with my posts (don’t worry, no hard feelings if you haven’t…I’m terrible for keeping up with other blogger’s posts myself!), I finished the scarf that I was making for my husband. I posted it as the free pattern this past Friday. You can find it HERE.

Secondly, I took apart the wrister (which was written about HERE, along with a photo) that I was working on, and the yarn from it has now been incorporated into a couple of other projects (some of it went into my husbands scarf, some of it went into granny squares).

Next, the Orange Cat Amigurumi is still on the back burner of my projects list. The photo and little blurb about it can be read HERE). I’m still considering ripping it apart and using the stuffing and yarn from it for something else. It’s just the safety eyes I used on it which I don’t want to trash.

My granny squares are slowly coming along. I won’t bother posting any photos of them this week. It would just be the same old squares over and over again. A bit boring to continually look at, I think.

I have made progress on the cozy for my container of hooks and needles. I’m not really sure what the next step will be yet. I was thinking to decorate it, maybe with flowers, ribbons or buttons. But nonetheless, here it is:


And last, but not least, a couple of days ago I began working on a knitted hat. I’ve been calling it my “thinking cap”, as I turn to it when I need to think and figure things out, whether I’m thinking about a project I’m working on, or just life in general. It’s a very simple hat, worked on a circular needle. There is no pattern for it, just winging it. When it’s done it will fit a child. I’m using Red Heart Super Saver (using up my stash still until I can buy some different yarn) in Hunter Green. Perhaps when it’s finished I’ll write out the pattern for it and share it here on a Free Pattern Friday. Here’s a photo of that:


It is my hope that by next Wednesday most, if not all, of my current projects will be done. But I wouldn’t waste breath on that, lol. I am sure I will find something else to add to this list of WIP’s 🙂

Until next time, keep on keeping on and have a hooktacular day!


WIP Wednesday- Week #1

As I’ve said before, I really shouldn’t start a new project until I finish all the old ones first. I actually had to make a list of everything that I’m currently working on so I wouldn’t leave anything out! Something tells me though, I’m not the only one with this problem 🙂

Ok, without further ado, here are my WIP’s for this week:

#1- Granny Square Doll Blanket. I’ve got 34 squares made out of the 63 that are required for the pattern I am following. I’ve been keeping track on paper what colors I’ve used and so far not one square is of the same color sequence. It is my intention that when the blanket is finished there will be no doubles.


#2- Granny Squares for the Facebook group The Granny Square Challenge, where each member makes 1 granny square per day for an entire year. I’ve got 16 made now, but today is Day #17 so I will need to make another square for today. I’m using 2 different square patterns, so far, but they are all the same size in case I decide to use them all on one project in the end.


#3- A scarf for my husband, upon his request. This is my own design, but it’s really quite simple. It’s made of hdc’s. I am making 2 halves separately and then joining them in the middle.


#4- Wristers- well, one wrister at the moment. Because I’m using the same color for the scarf mentioned above in #3, I’ve run out of this color to complete the wristers. It again is of my own design. What I will probably do is just take it apart, use the yarn for something else, and begin the wristers over again in a different color.


#5- Orange Cat Amigurumi- also my own design in progress. I actually started making this in October. I lost interest in it and have been humming and hawing over whether or not to continue with it. So he lies in wait for my final decision.


#6- A cozy for my container of needles and hooks. I’m using up left over Peaches & Creme cotton yarn and just winging it. I don’t really have a vision of what it will look like in the end. We’ll just see what happens, lol.


So, there you have it folks 🙂 If you were feeling guilty about having so many projects on the go at once, feel guilty no more. It happens to the best of us.

Happy WIP Wednesday!


What I’m Doing Today

So I’ve finally dug out the blanket and am working on getting it finished before the two year wedding anniversary hits (which will be February 17th, FYI)! And, before the really cold winter nights arrive! It’s going to take a bit of time as I have to work during my daughter’s naps. Sometimes her naps last for an hour or two, other times only twenty minutes or so. And each stripe of color takes me about 20-30 minutes (that’s 1 row of dc and 1 row of sc). There are 8 colors in it, each color consisting of 2 rows. To make the blanket a decent length (longer than a throw anyways), I have to repeat these 8 colors two more times, at least. Once this blanket is done, I won’t feel so guilty about starting new projects 🙂


No New Projects ‘Til You Finish The Old Ones!

think this is all I’ve got going on right now, lol. Five different projects at once isn’t too too much, is it?

#1~ Here is a blanket I’ve been (off again and on again) working on for over a year and a half now. It’s being made for myself and my husband as a wedding gift to ourselves (we were married in February of 2014). He buys the yarn, I do the work…only fair right? I am kinda following a pattern I found on the Red Heart website (Crochet Ripple Throw). I added more width to it and am using just one strand of yarn rather than doubling up. All the colors are Red Heart Super Saver: Blue Suede, Black, Aran, Hunter Green, Claret, Coffee, Medium Thyme and Warm Brown.  It’s a combination of my color choices and my husband’s color choices.

Our Wedding Gift WIP

#2~ A granny square Christmas stocking. I’ve got 6 squares made out of 16. It looks a little bit dark in the photo, thanks to the awful indoor lighting and not so good phone camera, but the green is Hunter Green, and the red is Cherry Red, and then plain white too. All are Red Heart Super Saver. The pattern can be found hereIt is suppose to be made with bulky weight yarn, but I don’t often follow the rules, lol.


#3~ A granny square doll blanket. I posted about this project previously. I haven’t really gotten too far along with it since then. You can view my previous post about it hereAgain, it’s all Red Heart Super Saver.


#4~ A beanie hat…so far. I’m not sure if I’m going to leave it as it is, or add some ear flaps or even make a matching pair of wristers or fingerless mittens. It’s my own pattern in the making, very simple, and I will share it here with you when it’s done. It would be good for a beginner. Almost two years ago I bought this yarn and used it to make a large scarf. A few months ago I decided to take the scarf apart and make something new with it, and so this is what it’s become. I’ve been trying to remember what type of yarn I used, but can’t. I am pretty certain it’s by Bernat. It’s bulky, acrylic and very very soft,  and it whips up really quickly too. It could be Bernat Softee Chunky, but after searching online I can’t find the correct color. I think the color has the word “Ivy” in it, but whilst conducting my search I am beginning to believe that this color could indeed be discontinued.


#5~ Last but not least, a set of four baby hats. This is also my own pattern, which I will share with you here once it’s completed. I posted about it in my most recent post A Busy Week. The top photo shows size 3-6 month (Aran) and size 6-12 month (Frosted Green), and the bottom photo shows size 0-3 month (White) and size 12 months+/Toddler (Claret). All are made with Red Heart Super Saver.


So, there you have it, folks! I keep telling myself “No new projects until you finish the old ones!”, but it never seems to work out that way. With so many patterns at my fingertips here on the world wide web, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to have just one project on the go!


A Busy Week

I’ve not had much time for crocheting…correction…I’ve had NO time for crocheting this past week, as after five weeks of hotel living we finally found a place to call home. Things are pretty much organized now, so I’m hoping to get to some more crocheting very  very soon. I think I’m experiencing withdrawal symptoms, lol.

Before we moved, however, I began working on a new hat pattern. I am thinking of calling it “Gnome…something or other…”.  Below is a picture of the progress I’ve made.  The larger (green)  one will be a 6-12 month size, and the smaller (aran) one will be 3-6 month size, I think. They will have ear flaps, and perhaps some appliques. I’m not really sure yet, at this point. Once I have them in my hands again I’ll have a better idea.