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Amanda Bryant

I am a happily married homeschooling mom living in New Mexico, USA with my husband, daughter and dog, amongst the cactus' and Roadrunners.

I spend most of my free time creating. Mostly I crochet and knit, but I am always delving into other areas of creativity. I enjoy sharing my passions with others.

Some Of My Recent Creations

I’ve been living life without an internet connection, except for on my husband’s smartphone, for the past 7 or 8 months, and so I’ve not been able to post any patterns in that time (save one really easy peasy neck pillow pattern). But of course that does not mean I’ve not […]

Recent Makes

So I haven’t posted lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been crocheting 🙂 I’ve gotten two projects started AND completed in the last couple of weeks. First, I made this little granny square blanket. It’s about 30 inches square. Big enough to be a lapghan or crib blanket, or […]

Just another update…

I’m still working on using up my leftover yarn.  Actually, today I am going through all that I have and will be trying to devise a Valentine’s Day related pattern, depending on how much red and pink yarn I find. It seems lately I’ve made a lot of hats, which […]

Best Friends Amigurumi

I made these dolls in the Spring of 2015, but have just now typed up the pattern for them. A little girl who lives local to me now owns them, and the last I heard she sleeps with them nightly and they are her “Best Friends”. So, I’ve named this […]