Make-A-Hat Challenge

In my latest attempt to use up the plethora of yarn I’ve got stashed away, I’ve decided to challenge myself (and you too, if you’re willing!) to make a minimum of one hat per week, for the next 42 weeks (which will end December 11, 2021). This means I am going to try to make at least 42 hats before Christmas 2021.

These hats will be either crocheted or knit, depending on my mood and the amount of free time I’ve got on hand (crocheting is much quicker for me, however, I usually prefer the look and feel of a knit hat over a crocheted hat). Heck, there could even be a hand-sewn hat thrown into the mix too! (if I ever take the time to learn how to do that!). And the hats will be in varying sizes, designs and textures.

I will be using up my non-Amigurumi yarns first, which I have a crate and a couple of large trash bags full of (I save Red Heart Super Saver and yarns like it for my amigurumi).

And what will I do with all of these finished hats? Well, some I will try to sell when the next cold season is upon us, some will be donated directly to the people who need them (there are a lot of homeless and low-income people in the area that I live in, and I have frequently just handed people items like this, or have left them for the taking in areas where people in need can just take them), some will be gifted to friends and family, and some will be deposited into thrift store/charity donation drop-boxes.

How will I be keeping track of the hats I’ve made? Well, besides writing about them here, I have created a small chart in my Bullet Journal. At the end of every week (the last day of the week being Saturday, the first of the week being Sunday) I just mark off the number of hats I’ve made on my chart. Using my Bullet Journal really helps me to stay on track with my plans, as well it gives me a bit of a creative outlet.

I began working on my first hat for this challenge yesterday afternoon. It’s a simple knit 2×2 ribbed hat, and I’ve got a few inches done so far. No pattern, just winging it. My intent is to publish a post at the end of every week to show off what I’ve gotten accomplished, as well as to share links to where patterns for the hats I’ve made can be found.

Would you be interested in participating in a Make-A-Hat Challenge? If so, you can post photos of your completed hats on the Crochet On The Brain Facebook Page. I would love to see what you have made. And of course, it’s completely up to you what you do with the hats you make.

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