Amigurumi I’ve Made Over The Last Few Months

I’ve fallen so far behind lately. I blame it on 2020. But now that 2021 is here, I have no excuse. Things are only going to improve from this point on, right? lol

One of the changes I’m making this year is my organization and productivity. It’s very tiring, and overwhelming, to have all of these things that I want to get done, and not get them done. Now, I am here providing one big update instead of having made a series of small regular posts. I prefer to write about my projects as soon as possible after they’re completed, so that I still have and remember the feelings I experienced when I made them.

So, below each group of photos I’ve typed up a little paragraph about each one, and I’ve included links to where the patterns can be found. Some are free patterns, some have to be purchased. But I’ve stated which ones are which so you know before you click the link.

Professor Elbert (the elephant)- The paid pattern is availabe HERE. This was a very popular and quick selling item back in 2019. I made so many of them! But this is the last one I think, for a while. I gave this one as a Christmas gift to a new friend, and it was instant appreciation and awe. I love how people react when it’s their first time seeing a crocheted stuffed toy 🙂

Pink Owl Amigurumi Doll (the owl)- The free pattern is available HERE. Obviously I didn’t use pink, anywhere, on this cute little owl. Instead, I used more natural colors, the body being made in my friend’s favorite color since this was my Christmas gift to her 🙂 I think it’s really adorable, and I may just end up making more of them!

Mickey Mouse– The paid pattern is available HERE. If you EVER get a request for a Mickey Mouse doll, I would DEFINITELY suggest you use this pattern! I made Mickey for a good friend who is a total Mickey lover. It sits on the pillows on his bed, and he proudly shows it off to every visitor he gets 🙂

The Friendly Sloth- The free pattern is available HERE. I made the first one for my friend’s sixteen old daughter (total sloth lover!) for Christmas, and immediately afterward I received requests for three more! Two of them are charcoal, and two of them are soft/light pink. I just LOVE how the toes curl!

Patons Monkey Around (knit sock monkey)- The free pattern is available HERE. I’ve made many crocheted sock monkey’s in the past. Back in the early 2000’s they were quite a hit amongst my circle of friends. This is the first KNIT sock monkey I’ve ever made. I gave this guy to another one of my friends for Christmas.

Knit Baby Doll- The paid pattern is available HERE. This one I made “just because”. I received a request over a year ago to make one, which I did with safety eyes and hair. But the pattern shows a variety of looks you can make and I wanted to try another out. Being knit, it is so soft and squishy and huggable 🙂

So Cute Dolly- The paid pattern is available HERE. This adorable pattern is an old favorite of mine. I purchased a copy of the pattern back in 2014 and have made a number of them over the years. However, this is the first time I’ve made her using the same colors as what the pattern shows, and the first time I’ve ever used blush on a doll (which is what I’m trying to show in the close up photo of the doll’s face). I admit I was afraid of ruining the doll when I was about to apply the blush, but I’m glad that I got over that anxiety because it turned out pretty good. The blush certainly adds more cuteness and character to the doll! I won’t be so hesitant to use blush on a doll the next time I come across it in another pattern.

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