I Made Something! (knit) Plus An Update :)

About a week or so ago I finally got something done! It’s knit, but a thing nonetheless, lol. You can read a bit more about it over on my Sometimes, She Knits blog (click HERE).

A few days ago I was able to finish another project (an amigurumi skunk), which I started back in June (it was suppose to be done by the beginning of July!). I’ll be making a separate post about that later on.

Hopefully now that I’ve settled more into my new routine I’ll be able to get some more projects finished, in at least a somewhat timely manner 🙂

On the homeschooling front, things are going well. We’ve got two weeks of school-days under our belt now. Most days my daughter asks when we’re going to start school, which is a plus, however, it can become a bit stressful at times because of her concentration/focus issue. Still, I’m learning new techniques on how to deal with it all.

Puppy training is coming along nicely, too. My legs are all scarred from her razor sharp baby teeth (although most of the time I wear jeans, so my jeans are all raggedy now, lol). Flower (puppy) is growing rapidly. She’s at least tripled her size from when we got her at the beginning of July. Here’s a photo of the little monster (taken yesterday):

I hope she never grows into her ears! ❤

Until next time,


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