My Leftovers Challenge- An Update

Back at the beginning of February I cleaned out and organized my stash of yarns and decided to try to use it all up in a variety of different projects. I wrote about it HERE. While I didn’t exactly forget about it, I haven’t done a whole lot in regards to working toward my goal of using it all up. I have used a bit of the leftovers, but I haven’t intentionally looked at a bag of yarn balls and created something with it like I had mentioned I would try to do. What I HAVE done is worked through some of the partial yarn skeins and made a number of projects with them (thus resulting in more little yarn balls being added to the old supply of little yarn balls in baggies, lol). Plus, in April I did not buy ANY new yarn…Yay! lol I think I spent a grand total of $5-$6 in April on non-yarn craft supplies!

And then…shortly after I created my Leftovers Challenge, a friend donated to my yarn stash…a huge tote bin of her mother-in-law’s unused yarns! And in April, another friend donated to my stash again…5 more full skeins of yarn that she didn’t need or want from her “craft-stash-destashing” lol.

When I published my post in February about using up my leftovers, I didn’t know that the whole COVID-19 thing was going to happen. Once the Stay-At-Home order from our Governor was implemented, one would assume that to mean I’d have loads of free time to crochet. Yeah, right, lol. With the schools all closing down in March, I lost all of my “free time” or “me” time. When you’re forced to add homeschooling teacher on top of all of your other tasks/jobs, then you really learn to appreciate the alone time you once had, even if it was just a few hours a day. I had to cancel a couple of Easter orders because I couldn’t find the time to work on them. And I was hesitant to accept any new orders after that. I’ve since worked out a “schedule” so to speak to allow me to spend a bit more time crocheting, but I’ve come across a new problem…

The stores are running out of craft supplies! Not just fabric, elastic, and anything else one might use to make masks with, but yarn and stuffing too! I’ve had to put a few orders on hold because I can’t find the supplies to make them, or finish them (I have a couple of orders halfway done, but I can’t finish them because there are no supplies left!). I could order curbside pick up from JoAnn’s, but I don’t drive to go pick them up (and I’m not riding a germ infested bus at this time). I’ve also read in various places that there are up to two week delays at some locations when ordering curbside. I also don’t like having to pay too many shipping charges for delivery, so I will just wait out the shortage and work with what supplies I have on hand…which works out well for my leftovers challenge, lol.

So, what have I made using my leftovers, since I made the post about my challenge?

Mini Yoshi Gamer Friends

Perhaps the cutest crocheted doll ever

Amigurumi Dinosaur

Amigurumi Unicorn

Amigurumi Bat

Baby Shower Blanket

as well as a few other projects that I haven’t posted about yet (my original patterns in the process of being tweaked, lol)

So as we wait out this whole Coronavirus pandemic, I will sit here working with what supplies I have on hand and work toward using up all of my leftovers!

Until next time,


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