My Leftovers Challenge

Yesterday I decided it was high time to re-organize my little crafting corner. I don’t have a whole lot of room for storage, or for working on projects, and the mountain of reusable shopping bags was beginning to topple over. I knew the basics of what supplies I had, but I couldn’t remember everything. I’m glad I did this. Not only do I now know what I’ve got, but the energy is different around here without so much clutter.

While I did trash and recycle some things, I am still left with a whole lot of yarn that I’m not quite sure what to do with. Most of this yarn I’m referring to are those little left over balls. They would work for granny squares, but I’m not really into that anymore (unless of course I didn’t have to sew them all together when completed!) And I have larger balls of left over yarn, which I could use for hats, but I don’t want to make more hats. In fact, I recently donated a bunch of hats that I had made which were just sitting around taking up space.

Some of the little balls of yarn I’ve had for a few years now. They just got dropped into a bag and forgotten about. A lot of them I can use to add details or decoration to amigurumi, but it will take a while to use them all up, and I just want to use them as fast as I can, lol.

So, I’ve decided to create a Leftovers Challenge for myself. Every once in a while as time permits, I will pick a pile (baggy) of leftovers and figure out something to make with them. By the way, I’ve realized I’m addicted to zipper sandwich and freezer bags. All of my leftovers are filed away, with their original label (for the most part), in millions of baggies, lol.

I am hoping to create my own original patterns with these leftovers, however, since I won’t know the exact yardage or number of skeins used I’ll have to figure out a way to measure how much yarn I use. Perhaps include a photo of the yarn balls used.

Here is a photo of what I’ll be working with:

The crate has a lot of bigger balls and half skeins…Mandala, Cupcake, Hometown, Simply Soft, Ice Cream…and the bag is pretty much all worsted weight Super Saver and Mainstays Basics (…and then there’s a big tote bin underneath this crate and bag stuffed with full or mostly full skeins 🙂 ).

I am thinking I’ll make mostly Amigurumi with these, or at least try to. Whatever toys I can’t move on to someone else, my five year old daughter will enjoy playing with 🙂 And I’d rather someone have fun with and use whatever it is that I make than to have a billion hats sitting around untouched, lol.

Do you have a lot of leftovers stashed away? What do you make with your leftovers?

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