The Best of 2019

Hello and Happy New Year!

I know I’m a day late, but I decided to relax yesterday with the family, work a bit on some new projects (yes, I’m one of those people with multiple WIP’s on the go, lol), and overall just take it easy.

But today I’m ready to roll!

At the end of every year I look through all the statistics for the blog, and see what the readers have spent the most time looking at, what was the most popular article, pattern or page on the blog, and then rejoice in the blog’s success 🙂 Now that I have all the stats on hand, I would like to share them with you!

I’m very happy to say that Crochet On The Brain has had another very successful year! When I look at the statistics I am reassured that all of my efforts are not in vain. While primarily this blog is for my own personal pleasure, I do keep up with it for the readers and subscribers as well. I enjoy sharing patterns and resources with everyone, and even better is when I receive positive feedback about what I’ve been doing! Sometimes I receive notes from people thanking me for what I do, other times I see people’s finished projects. And so far, knock on wood, there has been no negative feedback! So I can only assume that everyone’s happy 🙂

Blog Hits:

My first and foremost curiosity when looking at the blog statistics is the number of views. I like to know exactly how many people have visited, as well as where they all come from. I am always amazed at the number of countries this blog has reached. In 2019, Crochet On The Brain received 39, 362 views (which is a 54% increase from 2018). 22, 749 of these views were by “visitors”, which means 16, 613 of these views were subscribers and repeat viewers. And out of all of these people, Crochet On The Brain was viewed on screens in 134 countries! Here is a breakdown of the top 10 countries reached:

#1- United States of America- 27K views

#2- United Kingdom- 2, 882 views

#3- Canada- 2, 849 views

#4- Australia- 1, 215 views

#5- South Africa- 538 views

#6- Germany- 414 views

#7- Denmark- 375 views

#8- Spain- 332 views

#9- France- 261 views

#10- New Zealand- 225 views

Top 10 Pattern Views:

After I see how many people have visited the blog, I’m interested in knowing exactly what they are looking at! I am always very excited to know that it’s my original patterns that most people come to see 🙂 So, here’s the list of the top 10 most viewed patterns:

#1- Toilet Paper Cover– 6, 734 views

#2- Sandscapes Scarf– 2, 742 views

#3- Mom N Me Crossbody Bag– 2, 276 views

#4- Little Souls Newborn Beanie & Thumbless Mittens– 2, 112 views

#5- Multi-Purpose Cotton Mesh Bag– 1, 954 views

#6- The Orange Cat– 1, 862 views

#7- Winter Baby Hats– 1, 197 views

#8- Bearnabus Bear– 1, 133 views

#9- Bunny Amigurumi– 977 views

#10- Drawstring Pouch– 943 views

Top 10 Referrers:

Not only do I love to know which patterns people are coming to read, but also, I love to know how they were directed to the blog! When I publish a new pattern, I always list it on Ravelry, as well as Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook and in the Crochet On The Brain newsletter. While WordPress doesn’t tell me how much traffic is directed to the blog via the newsletter, I do know at least how many clicks are made through the newsletter because of Mailchimp stats (and happily, it’s above industry standards!).

This list really doesn’t come as a surprise to me. At least the #1 spot anyhow, lol.

#1- Pinterest– 9, 722 refers

#2- Search Engines- 7, 178 refers

#3- Ravelry– 5, 597 refers

#4- Knit And Crochet Daily– 810 refers

#5- Facebook– 773 refers

#6- Knitting Paradise- 665 refers

#7- Crochet Kingdom– 549 refers

#8- The Crochet Crowd– 128 refers

#9- Crochet Patterns Galore– 106 refers

#10- Crochet Talk– 65 refers

Honorable Mentions: The following sites have also directed traffic to Crochet On The Brain- Patrones Amigurumi Gratis, Easy Crochet, Bloglovin’, and Szydlaki Cudaki (who translated my Bearnabus Bear pattern to Polish!).

Thank you to all of the websites, but most importantly, the people behind these websites, that helped people find their way to Crochet On The Brain ❤

My Most Repeated Projects

I want to also include a list of my top personal projects of 2019. These are projects made for other people, which were very popular and became a big hit!

#1- Little Lola– I made 10 of these in 2019! That is the most of any one pattern I’ve ever made in one year. And yes, I do want to boast. This is my own original pattern, and it beat out all the rest!

#2- This one is a tie between Professor Elbert (paid pattern) by MJ Carlos and Tame Triceratops by Debbie Tabor. I made 5 of each of these.

#3- Ginnie The Giraffe by Jess Huff. The first one I made for a little girl who shares the same birthday as Neelix the giraffe from the Albuquerque zoo. I made 4 of this cutie 🙂

And last, but certainly not least…

My Biggest Crocheting Challenge of 2019

There’s always one project that really challenges my crocheting skills. While a lot of patterns have certain difficulties, whether because of a personal lack of skill or the pattern is poorly written (I ran into a few of those this year), or any other number of problems, there is one project I worked on this year that clearly stood out amongst the rest of them.

At the beginning of 2019 a lady asked a special request of me. She wanted a christening type gown set made for her 12 inch porcelain Jesus figure (gown, hat and booties). At first I was bewildered. It seemed like a very strange request. Everyone always wants clothing (for real people, lol) or toys made. You know, “normal” stuff.

I searched online for patterns, but couldn’t find one that was appropriate for this project. So I had to create my own.

I frogged, changed the yarn and stitch pattern many, many times over. I used my daughter’s 12″ Baby Cece doll (from Doc McStuffins) for comparisons. It took me a good 2 months I think to finally figure it out and complete it. But all the time and effort I put into it really paid off, I think. The lady it was made for was extremely happy with it, and grateful too 🙂

The link to the pattern you can find here: Christening Gown Set For A 12″ Porcelain Jesus Figurine.

On a final note, I would like to thank EVERYONE who has come by for a visit and look-see 🙂 Without you, I’d just be talking to myself! 😀 I hope that I’ve given you at least a little bit of inspiration for your next projects, and that you’ll come by again soon for more!

Have a wonderful 2020 and Happy Hookin’!


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