Owl Amigurumi- No Pattern, Yet

I realize I’ve fallen behind on posting my finished projects. I have a few new posts to make, and I will start with this owl.

I finished making this owl almost one week ago (October 27). It is my own pattern, and although I took notes while making it, I don’t have a pattern for it yet. As with my Penguin Amigurumi, I do plan to write up and share the pattern for it. I just need to the time to re-make them both and take better photos of them.

With this little guy I tried to take photos both indoors and outdoors, but for the life of me I can’t get the proper colors to show! The “black” around the eyes and on the feet is really “chocolate brown”. The body is “lemon” and the beak is “pumpkin”, all in Red Heart Super Saver. The “white” is Mainstays Basics, and for the life of me, I can’t remember what brand and shade of gray I used for the belly patch, wing tips and the tail tip! I thought I had it all written down, but apparently not, lol

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