More Unicorn Magic

I 💜 unicorns! 🦄

Yesterday I finished making this sweet little unicorn, in record time I might add…about two and a half days! I’ve been busting my butt lately in trying to get all of my projects completed. Normally it takes much longer, partly because of tending to family life, partly because of being a laid back individual (no, not lazy, lol). But I have deadlines to meet and need to make sure they are met!

This unicorn is another delightful creation designed by the very talented Jess Huff. I’ve used some of her other patterns, and find myself returning to her website repeatedly for more.

You can get her Jazzy the Unicorn pattern for free HERE.

I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn in the color Baby Pink for the body, as well as Blue, and Bright Yellow in the main and tail. The purple in the hair is Red Heart With Love in the color Lilac. And the hooves and the horn are made with Mainstays Basics yarn in the color White. I used a size 3.75 mm crochet hook and 15 mm plastic safety eyes.

Categories: Amigurumi, Crochet, Unicorn, Updates

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