Little Lola…Flamingo Style!

When I first created my Little Lola doll, I didn’t think it would become one of my more popular creations. It went through a number of rewrites and has also had many variations of it made.

I actually started this one a few months ago…but just finished it this afternoon! The doll itself has been completed for maybe one month, but I became stuck on the flamingo applique.

While I found many nice flamingo applique patterns, I had a hard time finding the right one for this doll. Eventually, I found THIS pattern, but it was the wrong size. After messing around with the pattern a number of times, trying out different things to alter it so that it would fit onto the dolls dress, I finally thought to just use smaller yarn…much smaller. Embroidery thread, which I have quite a lot of. I could’ve used crochet thread, but I didn’t want to go out and spend a fortune on the different colors just to use very small amounts of it.

After finally completing the flamingo applique itself, I needed to find a way to “highlight” it on the dolls pink dress. I decided to make a circle. After sewing the applique onto the circle, I realized there was empty space on the circle beside the flamingo, so I thought a nice little heart would be good. For the heart I also used embroidery thread, and used the first round of THIS cute little heart applique pattern (which I have used before in my Valentine Doll pattern a few years ago).

Ok, with all that out of the way, here’s a list of supplies I used to make this particular doll:

Red Heart Super Saver yarn, colors Baby Pink (ruffles, circle), Perfect Pink (dress, hairband), Aran (skin) and Cafe Latte (hair).

Mainstays Basics yarn, colors White (socks) and Black (shoes and shoe straps).

Embroidery thread (flamingo and heart appliques, as well as eyelashes and mouth), colors pink, white, black, yellow and red.

4 mm, 5 mm and 1.65 mm hooks (the small one for the applique, 5 mm for the skirt, and the 4 mm for everything else).

Yarn needle and small thread/sewing needle.

Polyester Fiberfill

Flamingo buttons (which I found at Joann’s, but similar ones are available at Walmart too)

Brown 12 mm plastic safety eyes

On a final note, I have to tell you that it’s a huge relief to FINALLY have this doll finished. While working on other things I was constantly thinking and worrying about how I would get this doll done. If you felt the wind pick up this afternoon, it was just me letting out one huge sigh 😅

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