Amigurumi Penguin- A Pattern In The Making

If you follow the Crochet On The Brain Facebook page, you’ll know about my recent penguin project having been completed already. If not, well, now you’ll be in the know 😁

I finished making this penguin last week. It is my intention to type up and share the pattern here with everyone…I’ve just run short on time. In addition to working on other projects, my daughter had a generous 5 day holiday from school (parent teacher meetings, etc) which prohibited me from doing everything I wanted to get done. And now, before I publish the pattern, I want to remake the penguin in a different, lighter color (so it’s easier to see the stitching and details in photos). I’m super busy at the moment, but I do promise that as soon as things slow down for me a bit I’ll get this penguin pattern done 😊

Also, in my pending remake/rewrite of my penguin pattern, I plan to change the facial features to make it completely original (or close to it anyhow!)

Having said that, I would like to acknowledge and thank Stephanie from Grace and Yarn for allowing me to use the facial features from her Mini Penguin pattern in my pattern.

When I set out to make a penguin I wanted to make a larger version of Stephanie’s penguin, in black and white, but what happened was a completely different penguin, lol. I stuck with the face though, because it is just tooooooo adorable ❤️

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