Amigurumi Elephant Done!

This morning I finished up another amigurumi project…an Elephant!

This is not the first time I’ve used this pattern. To date I’ve now used it three times, each one being a little bit different. I can’t remember if I wrote about the first one here on the blog…I’m pretty certain I only mentioned it, without a photo, because it was a surprise for someone at the time.

While I almost always use free patterns, I must note this one is NOT free (but well worth the cost, which isn’t a whole lot at all!).

The pattern is written by MJ of Hello Yellow Yarn, and can be purchased through her Etsy page. You can read her blog post about it, which includes a link to the selling page, HERE.

For this most recent elephant, I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn in the color Dusty Gray, as well as a little bit of Big Twist Value yarn in the color Medium Rose for the little bow. To make the bow I just made a small tube, closed up the end, then wrapped yarn around the middle to get it’s bow shape. I would’ve used the bow from the pattern, but I needed to make it much smaller to sit beside the ear, rather than at the neck for a bow tie. The toe lines I stitched on using Red Heart Super Saver in the color Charcoal. I also used a 4 mm crochet hook and 15 mm plastic safety eyes.

This is the second elephant I made, without the bow tie.
This is the first elephant I made, completely following the pattern.
Look at the cute little tail 💜

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