Quack! Amigurumi Duck Done!

Every so often I try out a pattern simply because it looks oh-so-cute, even though I don’t have a personal use for it or anyone to give it to. This is one of those patterns, and I do not regret the time spent on it one bit 😊

The free pattern, Amigurumi Duck by Stephanie of Grace and Yarn, can be found HERE. When you read down the page a bit you will find the option to purchase an ad-free PDF copy through Ravelry and Etsy.

For my duck I used Red Heart Super Saver in the colors Bright Yellow and Pumpkin, along with a size 3.75 mm hook and 15 mm plastic eyes. In the blog post where the pattern is found, there is also a link to a tutorial for crochet thread eyes which you can try out instead of using plastic eyes.

Not long ago I tried out one of Stephanie’s patterns, a really sweet purple hippo, for the first time. I love her patterns now, and have bookmarked quite a number of them to try out later 😊 If you’re interested in the hippo, you can check out my post about it by clicking HERE. I of course included a link to that pattern in the post.

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