Helping Hand Walker Bag- FINISHED 😁

Yesterday morning I finished assembling this very useful bag, which will be given to a friend’s mother-in-law to assist her in carrying her things while she’s out and about running her errands.

It simply hangs over the front bar of the walker so there’s always easy access to what’s inside. No need to struggle with carrying a purse over the shoulder!

The opening at the top of the bag has a toggle closure, which will not only make it easier for the elderly woman to access her belongings (no fiddling to get the bag open), but will also cover or hide what’s inside of the bag (keep it out of public view).

I added a light colored lining so that she can easily find what she is looking for, and also so that no small objects poke through the bag and potentially become lost.

Also added was an extra pocket on the front of the bag. The pockets are the perfect size to carry a cell phone or eyeglasses case.

The finished dimensions of my bag are about 9 1/2″ by 11 1/2″. The pattern says the bag will be about 9×12″, so I’m pretty close on that! I had to go down to a size 4 mm hook to get the closest match to the gauge.

Yarns used were Red Heart Super Saver in the colors “Blue”, “Charcoal” and “Royal”. I found a multi-pack of pretty flower decorated organic wooden buttons for the front pockets, and the wooden toggles, at Walmart. For the lining, I used just slightly less than one fat quarter of Waverly pre-cut cotton fabric, also from Walmart.

This amazingly simple pattern was designed by Sarah Read, and you can get the free pattern on Ravelry HERE.

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