Mickey Mouse Amigurumi

Mickey Mouse is in the house!

I think I finished the crocheting part of Mickey three or four weeks ago, but having to embroider the face with chain stitches threw me off course. I don’t know how many times I put Mickey aside and started his face over again!

But today is the day! He is officially done! I can move on to all of my other incomplete projects 😁

You can get the free pattern by clicking HERE. It is by Studiocrafti.com. There is a video tutorial along with the written pattern, but I have to admit that I didn’t watch it. I’m a written-pattern person, and only watch videos if I’m completely stuck. Maybe I should’ve watched it, as I found that the written pattern wasn’t complete and there were some typos and incorrect information. There are a lot of individual parts to be made and then sewn together, so if you prefer to make stuffies in as few pieces as possible, then this pattern probably isn’t for you, lol …

I used a size 4 mm hook throughout, and a mix of Red Heart Super Saver and Mainstays Basics yarn. The RHSS yarns were in the colors Aran, Cherry Red, and Lemon. I used Black in the MB yarn.

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