Finally Finished- Market Bag (1/3)

Now that Olivia is attending pre-kindergarten for five hours a day, I no longer have a valid excuse for not being able to finish all of my projects (which is actually quite a lot!).

This afternoon, about ten minutes before I was due to leave to pick Olivia up from school, I managed to finish sewing in the lining of one (out of three) of the market bags I recently made.

I think this is a very popular pattern, as I’ve seen quite a few photos of finished bags posted on social media. It is by Lion Brand, and you can find the pattern HERE.

I used Lion Brand Ferris Wheel acrylic yarn, in the color Wild Violets, and a 5 mm hook. I also added six rounds of extra length to the body of the bag. The finished measurements of the bag are about 28 inches in circumference, and about 8-9 inches tall (but if you include the base of the bag in the length, about 11 inches tall).

This bag is super easy to work up. Adding a lining was a bit tricky as I had to line up the top edge of the lining with the base of each dc in the same round. And the strap kept flopping over in my view of where the stitches needed to be made, lol. And I had to make boxed corners on the lining because the base of the bag is round. But I managed, and from start to finish it took only about 2 hours to complete the whole lining process (which includes measuring, cutting and ironing!).

Tomorrow…may I’ll get another bag done? Or a doll? Or a bunny? Or Mickey Mouse? Or…or…or…??? Lol I don’t know yet…we’ll see what the mood is like in the morning ๐Ÿ˜Š

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