I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas🎵🎶

I’ve had that song in my head this whole past weekend since I began making this ADORABLE amigurumi hippo 💜 I finished making it yesterday evening, and the song is STILL in my head!

I must say that this hippo was truly a joy to make 😊 I started making it Saturday morning and even with family life I was able to finish it Sunday evening after my daughter went to bed.

The pattern for this hippo was very easy to follow, and I really think that a newbie to Amigurumi would be able to make it without a problem. There are a lot of step by step photos included. The pattern is free on the website, but you can also purchase an ad-free PDF version.

You can find the pattern on the Grace and Yarn website HERE.

I used a size 3.75 mm crochet hook, along with Red Heart With Love yarn (Lilac) and Mainstays Basics yarn (White). The hippo turned out to be about 12 inches tall, which is only one inch less than stated in the pattern.

I think the only thing I did differently from the instructions is that I finished the head before sewing the snout on. I tried to sew it on beforehand as the pattern instructed, but without a fully stuffed head I couldn’t get the snout on straight.

So, MOST DEFINITELY I recommend this pattern to you! 💜💜💜

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