Recent Makes- July 29, 2019

Happy Monday Everyone!

I originally wanted to make this post two weeks ago. I had started to type it out, but it fell to the wayside, like alot of other things. I ended up taking a little bit of time off, here and there; I guess you could call it a series of mental health breaks, lol.

I’ve been wondering if I should just write about each finished project individually, in separate posts as I complete each project. It might be easier to write about just one thing at a time, not having to track down my notes and photos for each project. But then I think about the newsletter subscribers…is it a good idea to send out so many newsletters? Or maybe I should try to schedule a weekly or monthly newsletter where I can include the links to all of my recent posts?

And then there are all of my WIP’s. I’d like to start (or re-start) writing about all of them too (there are a lot of them! Lol). While I don’t always like to post about a WIP in case I don’t finish it, or if I don’t finish it for a long time, I do like to have some sort of documented history on what I’ve been working on. And then of course there’s the newsletter people again…I’m not so sure they’d like to receive updates on unfinished projects. Hmmmm, lol. I guess that in the end it’s my blog and ultimately I can write about whatever I want to! 😁 Having said that, I’m afraid of losing subscribers because my blog is so boring! I’m obviously not one of those professional bloggers with thousands of followers. This is just a hobby and I don’t get paid a cent to do any of it!

Having gotten those thoughts out of the way, let’s move on to what this post is suppose to be about…

The first completed project that I’d like to share with you in this edition of “Recent Makes” is actually not crocheted, but rather knitted. After I finished this one I did blog about it, but not here. If you’re not familiar with my adventures in knitting it might interest you to know that I have a separate blog for my knitted works. I have a handful of original knit patterns shared there, but also I write about my WIP’s and other finished projects. It is not a very active blog, as I spend most of my time hooking 😊. If you’re a knitter too, you can check out my blog Sometimes, She Knits.

Anyhow, back to this first project, which is a knit Slouchy Hat. I created this pattern this past fall, November 2018. It was originally made in blue, and I often thought that I might make it again, for myself, in the color purple (my favorite color!). However, that didn’t happen, because I’ve always got other projects on the go. Well, to my delight, a friend asked me to make it for her in purple, and to add a black flower to it as well.

Here are a few photos of my little Olivia hamming it up while modeling the hat 😂 (which by the way was completed at the beginning of July):

If you would like to read my post about this hat, which includes a link to the crocheted flower that is on it, click HERE.

Next up is a little pink and white crossbody bag for my friend’s two year old daughter, so that she can tote a couple of toys around with her. (Or rather, so that Mom doesn’t have to carry them around 😄). I found a small bundle of adorable Paw Patrol themed fat quarters at Walmart, to line the bag with (I used less than one of the quarters, so plenty left for other projects!). The pattern used for the bag is the kid sized version of my Mom’n’ Me Crossbody Bag. This project was also completed at the beginning of July.

Closing in on the middle of July, I finished making an adorable little black unicorn. It sits about 7″ tall, which is just right for the dashboard that it’s going to live on! I followed a pattern called Lil’ Baby Unicorn by Rachel Hoe of Little Yarn Friends. Since there are a lot more photos on the Ravelry listing than on the blog where the pattern is published, I will first share the link to Ravelry with you. I found that I needed to refer to more photos than what the blog shows (mainly for the mane and tail, which I ended up changing at the request of the person this unicorn was made for anyway). So, if you want to see photos click HERE to be taken to Ravelry. If you want to go straight to the pattern, click HERE.

And guess what’s next?!? Another Tame Triceratops of course! 😄 This one was made for an adorable, sweet little boy for his first birthday ❤️. I found a new yarn available at Walmart, by Red Heart called “Hello Gorgeous”. It is so soft and the color (Sedona) is exactly what I’ve been looking for for this project (I might’ve bought an extra skein and it might just turn into a winter hat for myself 😁).

In my previous posts about this pattern, the only link I had was to a direct download of the PDF. I’ve since discovered that this ebook (which is also available in hard copy, by the way) is listed on Ravelry. The link to the PDF is included on the page, so if you want to check out the book without downloading it right away, just click HERE. I completed this Triceratops on July 18th.

And this last project, an easy and quick baby blanket from The Spruce Crafts website, was a nice change of pace. It is a beginner level pattern, using the Moss Stitch. I found the pattern while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. I had some left over Bernat Baby Sport yarn that I wanted to use up. I wasn’t sure if I had enough to make a large blanket, so I just followed the directions for the premie sized blanket. Which I am glad that I did, because I only had enough yarn to make a 24″ square. If I had’ve used both the pink AND the white yarn in the body of the blankie, I could’ve made a larger blanket, perhaps even a toddler sized blanket. But in the end, I only used the white along the edge for a simple sc border. I finished this project on July 23. You can get the free pattern, which includes sizing for premie, newborn and toddler, at this link: Easy Crochet Baby Blanket.

And that’s all of my recent makes this time around. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post I might start sharing my projects as I complete them, and I might also start writing about my WIP’s again too.

Also, I do post about my work regularly on the COTB Facebook fan page if you’re interested in checking that out instead of waiting for me to get my butt in gear about posting here!

Until next time,

Happy Hookin’!


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