Recent Makes- July 2, 2019

This week I have a few more completed projects to share with you. I’m hoping to keep up with making a “Recent Makes” post regularly so I don’t ignore my blog and I can document, outside of Facebook, what I’ve been doing. And hopefully, I can give others some inspiration and ideas on what to make, what patterns work, and what kinds of things people are interested in.

So, the first project is another “Tame Triceratops” designed by Debbie Tabor. This one was made using Mainstays Basics yarn in the color “Teal” and Big Twist Value yarn in the color “Soft Gray”.

You can grab the free instant download PDF of the pattern (which is part of an ebook called “Crochet Animals Big & Small” from Red Heart) by clicking this link: Crochet Animals Big & Small. Be advised that when you click the link it’ll automatically start downloading to your device!

Next project to share with you is “Ginnie the Giraffe” designed by Jess Huff. This cute guy was made for an infant girl who shares the same birthdate as Neelix the giraffe who was recently born (January 2019) at the Albuquerque Zoo. I used Mainstays Basics yarn in the color “Gold”, as well as Red Heart Super Saver yarn in the colors “Cafe Latte” and “Aran”.

You can get the free pattern for Ginnie the Giraffe on Ravelry.

The next finished project is one called “Cuddle Me Dragon” by Amigurumi Today. By the way, if you love the patterns produced by Amigurumi Today you might be interested to know that you can download, for free, the Amigurumi Today app on Google Play and have ALL of their patterns ALWAYS at your fingertips!

My dragon turned out a little bit wonky, but only because I didn’t sew the head and horns on straight. If I make another one, I’ll surely take the extra time to do it right! I used medium weight yarns instead of what the pattern called for, so my dragon is much larger (about 10 inches tall). I used Red Heart Super Saver in the colors “Pumpkin” and “Cherry Red”. However, I didn’t bother with embroidering a nose onto it.

You can get the free pattern HERE. You always have the option of paying for a downloadable/printable copy of it with Amigurumi Today.

My 4 1/2 year old daughter thinks it’s really cute, despite my inner turmoil about it’s wonkiness, lol. She slept with it last night 😊

And last but not least, my Rainbow Unicorn pattern which I published here on the blog last week (in case you missed it!😊).

I have more projects on the hook, as well as some knitting projects, being planned and queued, so soon I’ll have more “Recent Makes” to share with you 😊

Until next time,

Happy Hookin’!

Amanda ❤️

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