Recent Makes- June 20, 2019

Today I’d like to share with you some of my recent (as in the last few months) finished projects. If you’re a fan of the COTB Facebook page, then you’ve probably seen most of them already. I’ve been quite busy so there are a lot of them!

First, here is a “Tame Triceratops”, designed by Debbie Tabor. Isn’t he just too cute? I use to have the hard copy of the book (Crochet Animals Big & Small from Red Heart) where this pattern is available, however, I no longer have that copy. BUT I found an e-version of the book! For an instant PDF download of the entire book, click HERE, or, you can search for the hard copy of the book on Etsy, Amazon, etc.

A unicorn! This one is based on one of my old (2012-13?) original horse patterns (which I never published). A few modifications from my original pattern (besides it not being a horse!). Currently, I have a new unicorn on the hook, and when I find the time I work on it, editing the pattern again as I go along, so hopefully one day I’ll be able to publish the pattern for it here!

I made 2 Rafael dolls (for brothers). The free pattern, by Jackie of Amidorable Crochet, includes instructions for all four of the turtles, plus their weapons and even pizza! While I found that the assembly and finishing instructions weren’t complete, the pattern itself is very easy to follow…and look how cute they turn out!! You can get the pattern here:

I ❤ this little guy! This is “Professor Elbert”. He is a paid pattern from HelloYellowYarns. The original one that I made, which is the one wearing the bow tie, was made for a baby shower gift. It is such an easy pattern to follow. I would ❤ to make more of them! You can read MJ’s post about this pattern on her blog (which provides a link to her Etsy shop where this pattern can be purchased):

Here is a Green Bay Packers beanie, made as a Father’s Day gift. I have the basic beanie pattern written up, but the “G” logo was a combination of freestyle and the help of photo tutorials. I am thinking that I will at least get the beanie pattern posted, someday, and if I can remember which tutorials I used for the logo I will include that too! I used Red Heart Super Saver (color “Paddy Green”), Mainstays Basics (colors “Gold” and “White”). The hat in the second photo is a truer color of the green used. (I always have such a hard time capturing the true colors, however, a lot of time I take the item outdoors in the shade to get the best pic!).

And last, but not least, my “Little Lola” dolls. You can get the free pattern for this sweetie HERE.

I actually have a few more finished projects, which I would LOVE to share, but they were made as gifts and won’t be given to the recipients until the fall. I am only hoping that I’ll remember to post about them after then when it’s safe to do so! lol

On a more personal note, I recently created a personal page on Facebook to showcase all of my finished projects. I have went through all of my old photos from all the years I’ve been crocheting and knitting and made photo albums full of all of my work. The page isn’t done yet, as I am having a hard time finding all of my photos, but if you would like to check it out please just click HERE. When I have the time, I plan to go through all of the photos and add notes about when the item was made as well as the designers names. So if you’re looking around and see a pattern that interests you, and I haven’t added any notes, just ask me and I’ll try to remember where I got the pattern from 🙂

And that is it, I believe!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the read and all the photos!

Until next time

Happy Hookin!


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