Crochet Christmas Baubles- Free Pattern by MJ of Hello Yellow Yarn

Yesterday I decided to Google crocheted Christmas decoration images. I don’t decorate for Christmas myself, but thought that maybe a friend or family member might appreciate some handcrafted decorations.  One image in particular jumped out at me, and when I clicked the link I was brought to Hello Yellow’s Crochet Christmas Baubles free pattern!

It is a super-simple and straightforward pattern. Great for a beginner (it even has a link to MJ’s photo tutorial on how to work the invisible decrease!), and it’s also a great way to use up leftover yarns!

I did not hesitate…I got out my supplies and set to work. Maybe an hour later I was done one bauble! I did however change one thing…I don’t own a hot glue gun (to attach the star to the front of the bauble), so I improvised with sewing 🙂

Here is how my Crochet Christmas Bauble turned out (I’m not sure if my star looks more like a flower, or not…):



Categories: Finished Objects

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