Making It Fit- A Hat-Sizing Guideline

It’s hat making season!

When I first started crocheting, hats were what I made the most of (and still, to this day, I make A LOT of them 🙂 ) They are a great beginner project, and they can be worked up quickly, depending on the complexity of the pattern. Reflecting back, I’m pretty certain I should’ve consulted a hat-sizing chart when I was first learning how to make them. But to be honest, it didn’t occur to me then to just hop online and find one (were there any available back then??). Surely I made a lot of wonky, ill-fitting hats!

Finding the right size can be tricky when you are just starting out, but it can be hard even when you are more experienced too! Whenever I make hats I still refer to sizing charts, just to be safe and make sure it has at least a small chance of fitting the recipient. And I often use not only my own head, but my daughter’s head and my husband’s head as well for gauging the size. A lot of the time, when making a series of hats in varying sizes, I will start with making my 4 year old’s size to make sure of the measurements, and then work the rest of the hats around that hat size.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the measurements for the hat-wearer’s head. A lot of hats are given as gifts (and are therefore a surprise), or, perhaps they are made in bulk for selling at a craft show (and you can’t just walk up to strangers and say “does this fit?” before the show…or can you?).

Fortunately, there are a lot of hat-sizing charts available online, and from my experience, they are mostly all the same, with just a few varying measurements here and there. But for the most part, the numbers all agree.

For your convenience, I’ve comprised this list of measurements, based on all of the different hat-sizing tables and guides I’ve ever used while creating my own hats.

Also, for a free PDF version of this guideline, click here.

Hat Sizing Guideline

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