Learn To Crochet- Back Loop Single Crochet Ribbing (Photo Tutorial)

Back Loop Single Crochet Ribbing is very useful in providing stretchiness in garments, most notably in cuffs and bands that you would find on mittens, hats, socks and sweaters.  It is a very simple technique, perhaps one of the simplest forms of creating crocheted ribbing,  and I think that all crocheters should acquire this basic skill.

In the photo tutorial below, I used a size H/8- 5.5 mm crochet hook and a small amount of leftover worsted weight yarn.

To begin:

1. Chain 11 (or any number of stitches, but I made 11):

2. Sc in the second ch from the hook and in each chain after. 10 sc made. Ch 1 at the end of the row (used as a turning ch to help keep edges straight):


3. Turn your work. In the back loop of the first sc (which your turning chain was made in) work 1 sc (Photo A below). Next working in the back loop still make 1 sc in each of the next sc across the row. Ch 1 after the last sc is made (Photo B below):

Photo A
Photo B

4. Turn your work and repeat step 3.

At the end of your 3rd row your work should look like this:


5. Keep repeating step 3 until you have the number of rows your pattern calls for.

This is what your work will look like after 8 rows:

(Photo C below) Right side of work- the side you want everyone to see-  (your beginning yarn tail will be on the lower left side of your work:

Photo C

(Photo D below) And the Wrong Side of your work after 8 rows (beginning yarn tail is on the bottom right side of your work):

Photo D

Your ribbing will probably curl up a little bit while making it, but blocking is not needed, until after your project is completed.  Once you do a number of rows, the edges will appear straighter as well. Don’t forget your ch-1 at the ends of each row, to help ensure you get a more even edge.

Keep in mind that the back loop of the stitch that you are working into is the loop furthest away from you, while the front loop of the stitch that you are working into is the loop closest to you.

Two of my free patterns for thumbless baby mittens incorporate this technique into their construction (and I have a pattern in the making using this ribbing as well, which will be published soon and added to this list). The mittens are very easily constructed (since they have no thumb or gusset), should you wish to try out this technique on a simple little project :

Little Souls Newborn Beanie &Thumbless Mittens

Pumpkin Hat & Thumbless Mittens


I have finished my latest pattern using the back loop single crochet ribbing. You can check out Woolly Wristers- Free Pattern (With Photo Tutorial) and give it a try!

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