Neck Pillow- Free Pattern

Good Thursday to you!
Today’s re-blogged post is a pattern for a really simple neck pillow, which I created two years ago for my husband while he was getting ready to come home from a lengthy stay at the rehab hospital after having major spinal surgery. I remember the anxiety and impatience I was feeling to have him home with us again. Working on this project helped ease those feelings.
The pillow was made with Crafters Secret yarn from Hobby Lobby, which is a medium weight yarn. You can substitute any other brand for the pillow. Actually, you could change the size of the yarn as well, just remember to use a hook size better suited for the yarn you use. It would also look cute with crocheted embellishments such as flowers sewn to it, which is something I’ve thought about doing myself, should I ever remake it.
Enjoy the pattern, enjoy your Thursday!
Happy Hookin ‘

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