Weekly Update- June 3, 2018

Finally, a day with nothing to do, in the real-life world that is (except for maybe some laundry), lol. I’m hoping that I can get at least somewhat caught up here on the blog today, as well as with crocheting. I haven’t touched a crochet hook or yarn in a few days!

June is here! Hurray! The month of May, despite my saying last week that it’s hard to believe that the month was almost over, seemed to take forever to complete! Maybe it was just the last week of May that seemed to drag on by. Whatever the case, I am happy that we’ve made it to June now!

In addition to the anticipated beautiful June weather, I look forward to this month because it’s also my birthday month! To celebrate, I have been considering doing some party/celebration types of patterns and posts. But first things first, I need to catch up on what I’ve already started (every crocheter’s dilemma, lol).

Because I fell behind this week, I didn’t make my weekly WIP Wednesday post, and I missed publishing my newest free pattern (which is still being typed up…with a photo tutorial to boot! lol) and my weekly pattern Round-Up too. And then of course that Monthly Newsletter. I was so hoping to get it sent out on June 1st. If you were expecting or anticipating it, please accept my humble apology. It WILL come!

In regards to that Monthly Newsletter, I have been thinking that since I’m usually quite busy at the end/beginning of the month (a lot of errands), perhaps it would be best if I send out that newsletter in the middle of each month. By then things have slowed down, if not come to a complete halt. If you’re interested, you can subscribe to the Monthly Newsletter by clicking HERE.

But to make up for the absence of new blog posts this week, I DID re-blog a couple of older patterns… first my Springtime Beanie pattern from January 2016, made using size 5 crochet thread, and next, my Keychain Pouch With Drawstring pattern from (originally) 2012, made using size 10 crochet thread. With the weather warming up just about everywhere, it’s nice to have some lightweight crochet projects to work on! (It was in the mid 90’s here in Albuquerque all week!).

On the Crochet On The Brain Facebook Fan Page I created a poll, asking for input in regards to what sort of content readers would like to see here on the blog. The poll is closing very soon (about one day left as I type this up). If you visit it, the poll is pinned to the top of the page. There’s been a handful of votes thus far. Facebook would allow only two options for the poll, so if what content you’d like to see here isn’t listed on the poll, just add your idea to the comments under the poll 🙂

And I think that just about covers it for this week’s update!

Happy Hookin’!



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