Weekly Update- May 27, 2018

My Weekly Update is a day late, again, like last week. I tried to sit and type yesterday, I really did, but I only managed a few sentences…not quite enough to hit that “publish” button. Once again, it seems that there’s just never enough “me” time in a day to get done ALL the things I want to get done!

It’s really hard to believe that the month of May is almost over! Where does the time go, seriously? At this rate, it’s going to soon be time to start making wintery things! (It’s never too early is it? I’ll probably be starting with hat patterns in another month or two, perhaps even earlier 🙂 !)

As you might have read in previous posts, I’ve taken to re-blogging my old posts once a week, every Thursday. I read about doing this on a couple of other websites, as well in some blogging newsletters…the idea surfaced repeatedly and so I took it as an omen, of sorts, that this is what i should do! I figured that I might as well try it…what did I have to lose, right? This choice has benefited the blog stats a fair bit already, and I’ve only been doing it for a couple of weeks now. So if you’re a blogger looking for ways to increase traffic and to keep readers interested, give it a try! It really works!

So far I have picked posts that were written near the beginning of my blogging history (with one exception, which I’ll write about in a moment), since I didn’t have nearly as many followers back then. This is an attempt to 1. Keep content coming in every week, 2. Share with my newer readers what I previously wrote about (because I know not everyone digs around the blog to see what they’ve missed), 3. Not have old posts, which are mostly patterns, fall by the wayside and be forgotten about, 4. Provide a reminder to myself what I’ve accomplished and how I’ve changed over the years.

This past week I shared not one, but two of my old patterns. The first one on my normal re-blogging day, Thursday. I re-blogged a baby bib pattern that I designed a few years ago, called A Trio Of Baby Bibs. The three “different” bibs basically all follow the same pattern, but one has a button closure, and the other two have tie closures. I still use the ones I made with Olivia when she’s eating something really messy, like spaghetti. One of the great things about cotton yarn, I think, is that it’s really durable and easy to wash. Shortly after I published this pattern originally, a lady incorporated a two-tone filet-style square into the bib pattern (so that the bibs had animal pictures built right into them). I wish I had of saved a photo of them. She shared the photos of them on her Facebook fan page, as well as in her projects on Ravelry, but those pages are no longer there 😦 (Rachel, if you’re reading this, please re-share those photos!).

The second pattern that I re-blogged is a relatively new one, Bearnabus Bear. I created this pattern almost nine months ago. Not long ago a lady named Karolina contacted me and asked if she could translate the pattern into Polish and then share the Polish version on her website. I, of course, said YES! This was very flattering to me, knowing that one of my patterns was good enough that someone wanted to do this! If you would like to see it on her website, just click here .

Friday I published a new pattern called Scrap Busting Cotton Facial Scrubbies. It’s a very basic pattern, using only single crochet stitches worked in the round. I started making these when I was running out of the store bought cotton pads, and not wanting to spend (waste) money on buying more. I also had an over-abundance of left over cotton yarn to use up. So, it only made sense to solve these two problems with one solution. Besides, it’s always a good thing to be environmentally friendly!

Saturday’s pattern round-up was 6 Free Butterfly Patterns. I have seen so many butterflies lately, which is what inspired this round-up. The photo of the Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly is one that I took about four years ago. There are so many of these here in Albuquerque this time of year! I just ❤ them!

I am still working on using up my left-over cotton yarns (I have so much), so you will probably see more cotton-patterns in the near future. And I’m still working on my Grenadine Doll and Olivia’s Kitty Cat patterns. Oh, and that monthly newsletter is coming along too. Provided nothing of big importance comes up in my life, knocking on wood, it is planned to go out on June 1st. If you haven’t subscribed to it yet, you can do so by clicking here: Sign Up For The Monthly Newsletter!

So that’s the past week on the blog in a nutshell. I think. I’ve probably forgotten something, I think I always do, lol.

Until the next post, Happy Hookin’!


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