Weekly Update- May 20, 2018

As the past week progressed, I found myself full of ambition and drive to get things done on the blog. Like I keep mentioning, I have so many ideas that I want to implement. I can happily report that those things are (slowly) happening now!

Yesterday I tried numerous times to get on here and finish writing my Weekly Update. I did get bits and pieces of it done, but having a toddler means not always being able to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. Never fear though, I am here now 🙂

I’ve done some changes, both big and small, to the blog this week. The biggest change, I think, is its appearance. If you haven’t seen it yet (you’ve only read my posts through the Reader, for example), please do check it out (crochetonthebrain.com) and let me know what you think. I’m hoping that one of these days I’ll be happy with the look of it for more than a couple of months, lol. In addition to it’s appearance, I changed the tagline. It no longer reads “…and sometimes knitting too!”. The tagline now reads “…all the time!”. Since my knitting posts have become very few and very far between, I thought I’d just put all the focus on crocheting. This doesn’t mean that I’ll never publish a knitting related post, however. There will still probably be knitting posts occasionally.

I have also been trying to reach out to more people on more social media platforms. As of now, you can find me on

Facebook (the Fan Page  and my Personal Profile ),

MeWe (my Personal Profile …I’m still thinking of creating a COTB group there),

Pinterest (I have many boards there of all different topics, not only crochet click here to follow me ),

Google + (my Personal Profile and the Crochet On The Brain Community),

Ravelry (my Personal Profile , which you can follow to get to my designs page, or just click here),

and Tumblr (my Personal Profile).

As I get more time, I will try to set up more accounts on other social media platforms. I need to make sure, first and foremost, that I have the time everyday to check into all of my current accounts! Some days I never even get a chance to get online!

For now, it seems that Monday’s and Tuesday’s I don’t publish anything here, with the exception of today because I didn’t get a chance to publish this Weekly Update on it’s normal day yesterday (every Sunday). I seem to be using these two days for site maintenance, and of course, working on my WIP’s. I’m trying to figure out what I can regularly post on Monday and Tuesday, to keep the content coming in, fresh and new, to keep readers interested (and to get more readers, of course).  I would love to publish new patterns EVERY DAY, but it’s only me here and I just can’t work that quickly!

Wednesday’s are now “WIP Wednesday”, Thursdays I re-blog old posts (I guess making it “Re-blog Thursday”?), Friday’s I’ve been trying to publish new patterns (but like I said above, it’s only me here and I can’t work too quickly), Saturday’s I’ve been posting Round-Up’s, and of course Sunday’s are my Weekly Updates.

On my last WIP Wednesday I showed the progress on my “Grenadine” doll design.  Since then, I’ve made a fair bit more progress. In fact, she is almost done. She needs some more hair, some loose ends tied in, and a few decorations and embellishments.  Olivia can’t wait for her to be done, so she can play with her (and not get in trouble for it!). Here’s the most current photo of “Grenadine”:


A couple of days ago I also started re-making and tweaking my design for Olivia’s Kitty Cat. I let Olivia look through my stash of Red Heart Super Saver, so she could pick out the color to use, since this cat will be added to her toy box as well. Of course, she picked the brightest color, lol. Here is a pic of how the new cat looks so far (using the color “Flame”…orange):


It was very difficult to get a decent photo to show off the color. In the first photo I took of it, the orange was so bright it was blinding. So I put the cat infront of the window, using the natural lighting, and it dulled the brightness a bit.

On Thursday I re-blogged an old pattern, Ssstuffed Sssnake, which I created almost 3 years ago. Olivia loves playing with it (almost all of the toys I make find their way into her toy box, lol).

Friday I published a new pattern, Multi-Purpose Cotton Mesh Bag, which I originally began creating so I could wash crocheted face scrubbies in the machine, without losing them all. I’m thinking that maybe I should post a pattern for face scrubbies?

Also on Friday, I sent out a mass email to the Monthly Newsletter subscribers, dealing with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). I still plan on sending out the first monthly newsletter on June 1st, but as per the new regulations I need the subscribers to re-consent to being on the subscription list.  I lost a handful of subscriptions due to bouncing email addresses, and had a couple of people unsubscribe from the planned monthly newsletter. I was feeling a bit down in the dumps about it, but I’ve received some new subscribers since then, so I’m feeling much better 🙂 If you are on the subscriber’s list, please check your email folders. Not everyone has opened the email yet. I will, of course, resend to the list before June 1st when the planned newsletter gets sent out.

A new Round-Up was published on Saturday:  15 Free Tote & Bag Patterns. There are so many beautiful bag designs out there, I wish I could’ve included them all! I do enjoy creating these round-ups. It’s interesting finding all of these wonderful and unique designs! And it’s very inspiring, providing me with ideas for future patterns to make!

On a personal note, the weather has been great (as usual in this neck of the woods, however, there IS a small chance of much needed rain in today’s forecast), and so we have spent much time outdoors. Here is a variety of photos of Olivia throughout the week:

And I think that about wraps up this Weekly Update!

Enjoy your Monday, and Happy Hookin’!


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