Ssstuffed Sssnake- Free Pattern!

Today I’m re-blogging an old pattern post from August 2015. It was one of the first patterns I published here. My daughter still has this Ssstuffed Sssnake in her toy box and plays with it regularly (sometimes in the form of a snake, other times in the form of an “I’m gonna get you!” toy, lol). It has held up remarkably well, and the felt tongue has remained intact and still looks great.
You can make this snake in any color combination, with any amount of colors. You could replace the stitched-on eyes with plastic safety eyes or fancy embroidery, as well as alter the length of it by decreasing or increasing the number of rounds of the body. Both boys and girls alike will adore it!

Crochet On The Brain


I love playing around with yarns, and I love bright colors.  This snake pattern is very simple, and would look great using any colors of yarn or color combinations.


Ssstuffed Sssnake Pattern

© Amanda Bryant 2015


Red Heart Super Saver Economy:  1 skein each: Main Color (MC)- Turqua (#512); Contrasting Color (CC)- Blue Suede (#3945); small amount of black yarn for eyes.

small piece of red felt for tongue

4mm crochet hook

stitch marker

polyester fiberfill

small amount of thread to match MC for sewing in tongue

yarn needle

small sewing needle


The snake is crocheted in the round. At the end of each color the round is fastened off, and then the next color is atached in the same stitch with a slip stitch. Stuff the snake as work progresses. To make him bend easily, stuff loosely.

Finished Length:…

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