Crocheting On A Budget

As the yarn piles up, the bank account balance goes down.

Today I’ve decided to re-share an old blog post, in which I listed ideas on how to save some money on this increasingly expensive, and often obsessive, hobby called “Crochet”.  It is my belief that we shouldn’t have to cash in our life insurance policy, or sell body parts, to fully enjoy our hobbies.

If you have more ideas on how to save money on this hobby, I’d love for you to share them!

Crochet On The Brain


To tell you how many times I’ve stumbled upon patterns that I wanted to use but couldn’t would be impossible. I have downloaded countless patterns to my laptop and have invested in many hard copy books over the years, but it seems only a handful of those patterns have ever been put to use. And why is that? Not because I don’t have enough time to crochet (Let’s face it, serious crochet addicts like myself ALWAYS find time), but because I can’t afford to buy all the supplies required!

Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Your $$

  • Make smaller items which allows you to make more items per skein of yarn.  One ball of crochet thread can make many bookmarks, or even a couple of smaller doilies. One skein of yarn can make a pair of mittens and a hat, or a couple of pairs of slippers or socks.

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2 replies

  1. Great tips!
    I use Bobby pins as stitch markers, lol.
    I was recently freely given a garbage bag full of yarn. I’ve now determined that I better make and sell something before I spend another dime on yarn. It adds up so quickly!


    • That’s an awesome idea!
      I love freebies like that…I’ve got so much yarn, my husband cringes when we near the yarn aisle, lol. It’s very hard to just walk by all the yarn lol. I’m now, again, working on using up all my stash before buying more 😉

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