Weekly Update- April 22, 2018


Well, not much has really happened this week to provide a very good read….so….let’s get it over with, lol…

I still haven’t tied in all the yarn tails on the Ripple Blanket I finished last month.

The first Monthly Crochet On The Brain Newsletter hasn’t even been looked at, let alone worked on.

I haven’t begun working on a remake/revision of Olivia’s Chocolate Milk Hoodigan pattern yet.

I have not frogged my knit sweater yet…I’m a bit reluctant, still. I put a lot of hours into it, but I know I’ll never finish it.

The only time I touched the white doily I’ve been working on for the past month or so was just to move it out of the way so I could open up the box that it’s sitting on.

We did not make it to Olivia’s dental check-up this week. We decided to reschedule it for the same day that she has her vision check-up, next month, as it’s all in the same building and will be easier. I really don’t like going out into the world more than I absolutely have to, lol.

Now, for what I DID accomplish this past week:

Having apparently put aside all of my other projects, I worked steadily (as much as I could, anyhow), on my V-Stitch blanket.  Yesterday I started the fifth (and final) cake of Mandala Baby yarn. I figure about another week and it should be done. Maybe sooner if it’s all I do, lol. This is an outdated photo, but it still looks the same…just bigger, lol. I originally wrote about it here on my April 8th Weekly Update post.


The weather has been pretty awesome lately, so we’ve resumed taking our daily walks again. Here’s a few nature shots from those walks. The Roadrunner,  Bugs & Babs, and a not-so-tumbly tumbleweed.  (I took that left turn at Albuquerque over four years ago and I STILL get excited when I see a Roadrunner, lol.)

So that is all for today, friends. I apologize if I’ve bored you. Hopefully this coming week will provide a bit more entertainment.

Happy Hookin!


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