Olivia’s Chocolate Milk Hoodigan- Done!


Catchy name, huh? lol

I’m happy to announce that this sweater is finally DONE! Yippee! I am very, very, very, VERY excited about it, as it’s my biggest crocheting accomplishment to date, aside from actually learning to crochet. It is the first sweater that I’ve designed on my own, and it wasn’t as painstaking to do as I had originally thought it would be.  And I finished it while there’s still a chill in the air! Woot! Woot! lol. Although it was in the low 80’s for a couple of days this past week, yesterday it cooled down to the 50’s and isn’t suppose to get really warm again for at least a few more days 🙂

My intention was to publish the pattern for it here as soon as it was completed, but there are a few things that need to be worked out and changed about it. But all in all, it looks great (gotta love my humbleness, lol), despite any flaws in the pattern.

It took about 1 1/2- 14 oz cones of Peaches & Creme cotton yarn (so, approximately 21 oz/600 g; 1059 yards/967.5 meters), using a size J-6.00 mm hook and the “Moss Stitch”. The colorway is called “Chocolate Milk” (obviously how I came up with the name for this sweater). Oh, and 7- 3/4 inch buttons. I can’t help but wonder if an odd number of buttons looks ok? It’s the only way I could work out the buttonhole band so that all of the buttons were evenly placed.

I would like to attempt to make this sweater again, but perhaps using acrylic yarn instead. This would mean working out the gauge again with the slightly different yarn. I would use the same weight class, but of course that doesn’t mean it would be the same thickness.  Having said this, I need a break from this “big” project for a while, so I will be working on simpler, and more mindless, projects until I get the ambition to make this sweater again.

Here are a few more photos.  See the bunny in this first one?


It was a wonderful afternoon for a stroll in the new sweater. Olivia’s very pleased with it. In fact, she gave me two thumbs up!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this read.

Until next time, Happy Hooking!


3 replies

  1. How adorable! The sweater is cute also. I’ve been looking for patterns using cotton yarn for my grandbabies without a lot of luck. I look forward to your written pattern!


    • Thankyou! How old are they? This one is about a size 4-5 childrens, but I’m not sure what sizes to try to make…Maybe up to size 10? And starting at size 2?


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