20 Free Crochet Bunny Patterns


Today I decided to scour the internet for adorable and FREE crochet amigurumi bunny patterns to share with YOU! Easter is coming up quickly, but there’s still time to make one (or more! ) of these sweet keepsakes ❤.

**Please note that the images above are not my own and I in no way am trying to claim them as mine. They belong to the designers who created the patterns.**

Enjoy and Happy Hooking!


  1. Little Big Foot Bunny – by Amigurumi To Go
  2. “Layla” Crochet Bunny – by B.hooked Crochet
  3. One Skein Bunny– by Deb Richey
  4. Easter Bunny Egg Crochet Pattern -by Amigurumi Today
  5. Classic Stuffed Bunny– by One Dog Woof
  6. Little Easter Bunnies– by Joanne Jordan
  7. Chocolate Easter Bunny– by Claudia A. Lowman
  8. Free Crochet Bunny– by Lee Lee Knits
  9. Free Easter Bunny Crochet– by Sir Purl Grey
  10. Dress Me Bunny– by Amigurumi To Go
  11. Easter Marshmallow Bunnies– by Whiskers & Wool
  12. Amigurumi Bunny– by HappyBerry Crochet
  13. Spring Bunnies– by All About Ami
  14. Bunnies– by Left Handed Crocheter
  15. Easter Bunny– by Craft Elf
  16. Bunny Lovey– by The Stitchin Mommy
  17. Easy Crochet Bunny– by The Green Dragonfly
  18. Ichigo-chan-Easter Bunny Amigurumi– by Amigurumei
  19. Amigurumi Crochet Bunny- “Fips”– by Ribbelmonster
  20. Little Bunny Amigurumi– by Katherine Dubsky

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