Olivia’s Kitty Cat

UPDATE: The pattern has been completed with revisions. You can find it here:  The Orange Cat

I made this kitty for Olivia this week. I bought the eyes about a year ago from JoAnn’s and just FINALLY used them. I bought only one pack, and there was only one pair in the pack. I’d like to tweak the pattern but if I do that I’ll either have to buy more cats eyes or just use black or brown eyes. I’m afraid I’m not that skilled with embroidery, but I did the best I could. What matters most is that Olivia ❤’s it 😁 She slept with it last night, all tucked in beside her, along with her scruffy little dog (in the photo below).

I received very little reaction to the photos that I posted on Facebook, so I am wondering if I should type up and publish the pattern here? Maybe do the tweaking first? I was also thinking of making different animals with the same basic pattern. What do you think?

Happy Monday Everyone!


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