Recently, in a post you can read Here, I mentioned that me and my family were planning to move to Michigan, from New Mexico, around the end of January. Well, plans have changed. We decided to wait until the summer or fall to make the move, when the weather in Michigan is nice. Since we currently live in a hotel we decided it would be better if we found a real apartment to lease locally until it’s time for the big move. Yesterday we found an apartment,  and this weekend we will be moving into it. We are REALLY looking forward to this. Aside from cheaper rent, we’ll have our own (larger) space, and a playground for Olivia to burn off all of her energy at.

Once we move we’ll be without home internet, but only temporarily.  I mention this because I won’t be able to blog for a little while, except for on my phone (which is hard to do if I’m sharing a pattern!). I’m hoping we’ll have internet up and running in our home within a couple of weeks. First things first though, we need to buy some furniture.

Back to patterns though…I DO have a couple of new patterns to publish, I just have to type them up. I’m hoping to get these done by the time we move.

Also, you probably noticed that when you view a post here on the blog a newsletter sign up form pops up. I posted about this on the Crochet On The Brain Facebook fan page, but was distracted and didn’t get to post about it here. With the evolution of Crochet On The Brain,  I would like to try publishing a monthly newsletter about everything I’ve done here on the blog in the previous month. My intention is to expand from posting only my patterns to also posting useful crochet information, resources, techniques, pattern round ups, and so forth.  However, please keep in mind that this is just a hobby for me, so if I’m slow on the draw, or I forget something, please bear with me. I was also hoping to start a weekly review post (about both the blog and my personal life), but at the moment time’s limited.

So…I’ll try to get those new patterns published soon, but if you don’t see anything from me for a while, you know why.

Until later,

Amanda 😊



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