Bunny Finished! (Finally)

In April I made a purple bunny and tried to sell it over Easter,  but instead of selling it I received an order for a pink bunny for a baby shower gift. I finally started working on it a couple of weeks ago, in between everything else I was making. Today I finished it. I’m awful with trying to embroider faces, or any sort of embroidery to be honest. I had to cut the nose off once and try again. I can’t say that I’m completely happy with it, but it’s the best I can do. I sent a photo of the finished bunny to the customer who ordered it, and she likes it enough to buy it, lol. Perhaps I’m too hard on myself. What do you think of my bunny? 

The pattern is the One Skein Bunny by Deb Richey.  I love this pattern and I’ve made this bunny many many many times over the past 6 or so years, in many different colors using many different brands of yarn. The pattern calls for Caron One Pound, but this one is made of Caron Simply Soft.  So is the purple one (in the photo below).  It uses about 1 1/2 skeins of the Simply Soft yarn. 

I tried to make the pink bunny identical to the purple one…I think I did a pretty good job of it, it’s just the embroidery that’s a bit different.

Now that this order is out of the way, I can spend more time on the gazillion other projects I’ve got on the go! Lol 

Amanda 🌹

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