I’m still here!

I came across this image while scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook the other day, and I feel that it very accurately describes my life at the moment. Actually, for about the past year.

So no, I did not fall off the earth’s surface. But rather a series of unfortunate events, which were really a blessing in disguise. First starting with my husband becoming disabled, and then our family becoming homeless.  Although we have been motel living for over 6 months now, things seem to be back on track for us…upward and onward! Or is it onward and upward?

When time and my energy level allows, I try to stay creative. In December I was able to sell some crocheted Christmas goody bags and stockings. Because of those sales I was able to acquire a few new regular customers, some of which I’ve become good friends with.

I’ve made a few things outside of orders since the December sales, but haven’t had very much luck in selling those items. I made a Valentines Day teddy bear, which interested a lot of people. One lady asked me to embroider her child’s name on it, but I don’t know how to do that. Alas, the teddy bear is still sitting here in my stockpile of unsold items. I also made a purple bunny and tried to sell it over Easter. Once again, people showed interest but it too failed to find a new home. However, a lady has asked me to make one for her, in a different color, for the month of June. .

Because of my lack of time and energy, I’ve made a few dishcloths, both crochet and knit, some following patterns, some made off the top of my head.  Quick and easy to work up, and I can always use them myself should I never sell them.

Maybe a month ago I bought one of those adult coloring books and some pencil crayons,  hoping to find time to relax by myself,  but whenever I get some quiet time I’m either too exhausted to even take them out of the drawer (let alone sit upright,  lol), or I’ve got crochet on the brain!  I tried coloring while my daughter is awake but she wants to be a part of everything I do.  This is a problem too when I’m trying to crochet.  I love her with all my heart,  but she needs to learn to give me some space and leave my things alone! See her little toddler fingers in the photo below? If I want to take a photo of anything I have to be quick before she runs off with it!

And here she is again, sneaking into the photo! 

A few months ago I decided I wanted to try cross stitch,  so I bought this:

It’s still in its package  (however, I did take it out once to look at it!) At the time I was waiting for my new eyeglasses (bifocals) and decided to hold off on starting this project until I could see better.  I can see clearly now…but…I also have this to work on:

My tote bin of yarns I’ve been collecting!  Each one has a specific purpose in mind, of course. It’s just a matter of getting it all started!

But the project I’ve been devoting most of my time to is this:

I’m designing a cotton bag. It’s about 12 1/2 inches tall.  When (if) I get it done, and once I tweak the pattern (I’ve been keeping notes) I’ll be sharing the pattern here with you.

And speaking of writing patterns,  I’m nearly 100% certain that I’ll be devoting most of my crochet time to creating my own patterns now, both free and for sale, rather than trying to sell finished products . This decision being based on past experiences,  with it being difficult to sell to people the finished product. I think it’s a combination of reasons…some people are broke, some people are cheap, and the stores sell cheaper versions of these items! Those cute little diaper cover sets are being sold in Walmart now, handmade by women in poorer countries. As we know, crochet can’t be duplicated by machine. I’m pretty certain these women aren’t being paid properly,  but I’m not going to get into my thoughts and feelings on that right now…

I have A LOT of patterns and designs floating around in my mind. I’ve been working on an idea for an amigurumi doggy for my daughter, basing it on a stuffed doggy she’s had since birth. It’s been washed a number of times, and it’s lost its shape and fluffiness. Below is what it looks like now, after almost 2 1/2 years of love:

I also want to make her an amigurumi kitty, since she meows constantly. A few days ago she woke up meowing! Lol.  I made a trip to Jo-Ann’s yesterday to stock up on safety eyes and found green cats eyes. Of course I bought them. Now to come up with a pattern!

In addition to my blog, you can also visit my profile on Ravelry.com:


When I decide to sell any of my patterns, they will most likely be sold through Ravelry.  However, I’ll keep everyone updated on my decision through my blog posts and Facebook page.

I am really hoping to be able to spend more time crocheting and updating Crochet On The Brain, now that life seems to be settling down a bit. But regardless of what happens, the blog will always remain published, even if I never have the chance to update again ☺.

Until next post…take care and happy creating!


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