Just another update…

I’m still working on using up my leftover yarn.  Actually, today I am going through all that I have and will be trying to devise a Valentine’s Day related pattern, depending on how much red and pink yarn I find. It seems lately I’ve made a lot of hats, which are useful and have brought a lot of views to my blog. But truth be told, I’m tired of hats, lol.  HOWEVER, here is a hat I made (last week sometime), using the pattern for the You Are My Sunshine Infant Hat. The first photo is using a flash, the second photo, no flash.

The difference between the original hat and this hat, is that I used a 6 mm hook and Bernat Chunky yarn (the color is Plum Mist) for this hat. With both the yarn and the hook being larger than what the original pattern calls for, there were less rounds to make. I followed the pattern up to the end of round 4 (so there were 24 clusters and 24 ch-1 spaces around), and then worked even until the hat was about 5 1/2 inches long, and then followed the instructions for the brim. The hat will fit about a 6-9 month old child. The circumference around is about 18 inches. I am thinking about trying this hat again, but with a larger hook (maybe a 6.5 mm), and seeing if I can recreate the pattern for all the children’s sizes using the chunky yarn. But, like I said, I’m tired of making hats, for now, lol.

So, now I must go and delve into my stash. If you don’t hear from me in a week send out the search party! lol

Happy Hookin’ Y’all!


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