New Technique Thursday- Week #2- Bullion Stitch

Tangled! That’s what I got when trying out this stitch for the first time! As I began my first attempts at this stitch I wondered to myself why on earth I would ever try a stitch like this. It’s because I saw this pretty picture of a Bullion stitch on Pinterest and thought I’d love to learn how to make it myself. So I visited the site from where this photo originated and I read the directions. It seemed relatively easy. I grabbed some yarn and a hook and dug my heels in. Whoa. While the process of making this stitch is quick, it is far from painless, lol.

So here I am, a number of hours later, and I’ve mostly gotten the hang of this stitch. One thing is for certain, my patience and determination were both found today!

What is a Bullion (or Roll) Stitch? It is a decorative stitch which is made by wrapping the yarn around the hook many times and then pulling a loop of yarn through all of the wraps made. When finished, the stitch resembles a spring or a coil. The tricky part about this stitch is in managing to pull your yarn loop through all of the wraps made, without snagging it or missing any of the wraps, and keeping the size of the wraps all consistent with each other.

I started off using worsted weight yarn and a variety of different sized hooks. None of that was working. My bullions were all wonky and the hooks kept getting stuck in the plies of the yarn, therefore pulling the yarn apart. So I took a new approach. I tried using #10 crochet thread and a 1.75 mm steel hook. Tada!  Success. Not perfection, but finally it was beginning to work out. So next was practice. And more practice and more practice.  Still, it’s not perfect, but I’m happy to say that I tried and succeeded in getting the basic stitch done. It looks relatively decent, at least I think so. Below is a photo of what my best attempt (so far) looks like:


Because I worked my Bullion stitches in a round, they aren’t straight. Perhaps if I added more of them in the round they would all squish together and stand straighter? You can compare my photo to those photos of Bullion stitches found on other websites (they also provide instructions on how to make the stitch):

Lots of Crochet Stitches (this one shows it done in rows)

Stitch Diva Studios (also shows it done in rows)

I’m not really sure if I’ll use this stitch in any of my future projects. I definitely need to practice it more before doing anything with it. I think the Bullion Stitch would work best in a doily, or even a granny square. Have you used it before? What sort of project did you use it on?

Until next time….






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