Trendy Tuesday- Week #2- Lovey’s

Recently I’ve seen quite a lot of these “Lovey’s” popping up all over the internet. When I first heard the term I had no idea what people were talking about, but when I started paying closer attention I discovered how brilliant and cute they are. I’m sure you’ve heard about them, but in case you haven’t I’ll tell you this: They are adorable little baby blankets with the top portion of an amigurumi animal attached to the centre of them.  They are perfect for baby shower gifts and birthday gifts, especially since you can customize the animal to that of the child’s liking.

Here are a few links to patterns if you’re interested in making one:

7 Lovey Crochet Blanket Patterns For Baby

Owl Cuddle Lovey  by Corina on

Baby Blanket by Brittas Ami (it is not completely in english but there is an option to translate)

Have a Trendy Tuesday everyone!



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