New Technique Thursday- Week #1- Crocodile Stitch

Having been a crocheter for over 10 years now, it might be hard to believe that I’ve never learned the Crocodile Stitch. Truth be told, I’ve been keen on the idea of learning it for quite some time now, but it’s one of those things where I just never made the time to do so. But now that I’ve officially put aside one day per week to learn something new, I can proudly state that I know how to crochet a basic Crocodile Stitch! 🙂

I “Googled” for a list of tutorials to follow, and after skimming through some of the search results, I decided to use the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to the Crocodile Stitch from the Red Heart blog.  The photos were a great reference when following the instructions which in themselves were very simple and straight forward. In fact, the sample piece, shown in the photo below, in which I made 3 rows of scales, took me only 1 hour to figure out and put together.

20151210_120331 - Edited

I’ll be the first to admit that the gauge is all off, but I think that it’s pretty good for my first attempt.

While I was learning this stitch I couldn’t help but wonder who invented it, and when. The person who did so was brilliant! So, again I “Googled” for the information and found NOTHING. The closest thing I read about it was that it is a relatively new stitch. But how new is that? 5 years? 10 years? 100 years? 1000 years? lol

I don’t know what I’ll make using this stitch, but it’s definitely one worth practicing. Maybe a scarf? Scarves are usually pretty good first projects when dealing with a new stitch.

So, it’s been a very successful first New Technique Thursday for me. I am extremely happy that I set out to learn something new. I certainly look forward to next week’s technique (just have to figure out what I want to learn now!)

Later Alligator….In a while Crocodile…



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