Trendy Tuesday- Week #1- Mermaid Tails

Welcome to the first “Trendy Tuesday” 🙂

It seems that everywhere I go online (which is everywhere that there’s crocheting involved, lol), I see photos of these gorgeous Mermaid Tails. But not just any old mermaid tail. They are in the form of lapghans, baby cocoons, blankets…mermaid tails for all ages! Personally I’ve not tried to make one, but they seem to be a very catchy trend, especially with the gift giving season upon us!

I would love to include photos here of these Mermaid Tails, however, I don’t want to step on any toes and get into any copyright trouble. So, below you will find some links to what I’ve found and at those original sites you can leave your comments for the designers if you so wish to.

Crochet Tutorial: Mermaid Tail Afghan Pattern- 3 Sizes- by Nadia Fuad

Mermaid Tail by Elizabeth Cala

Crochet a Wearable Afghan Mermaid Tail by Shelley Bunyard

Mystic Mermaid Cocoon by b.hooked Crochet

Mermaid Costume Pattern by Courtney Wiche

Thanks for reading the first ever “Trendy Tuesday” post! I hope it’s been an enjoyable read and maybe you’ve got your next project planned out because of it 🙂

Happy Hooking!


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