Time To Get Organized

Good day everyone!

I am really excited to share with you today my newest “plan” 🙂

One of my biggest peeves is disorganization. And unfortunately, I seem to be the queen of it. So, I’ve decided to do something about it…

Now, this may be a bit “corny” per say, but it might just help me to get on track with things here at Crochet On The Brain…I’m devising a system to help ensure I stay organized and consistent with my blog posts. After all, I really want Crochet On The Brain to be a success! What I’ve decided to do is give a special name to each day of the week and post relevant information on those days. Here’s what I’ve come up with, so far:

Monday- “Maintenance Monday”- This seems to be a fitting day for performing routine blog maintenance. On this day I will go through the site and fix those things that I think need to be fixed.

Tuesday- “Trendy Tuesday”- on this day I will post about what the latest and most popular trend in crocheting might be. I will include links to patterns and other sites with relevant information.

Wednesday- “WIP Wednesday”- on this day I will give updates on the projects that I’ve personally been working on.

Thursday- “New Technique Thursday”- I of course don’t know everything there is to know about crocheting, so I’ve decided to devote some time to learning something new, and then sharing it with you!

Friday- “Free Pattern Friday”- this is when I will share a free pattern with you, as the name implies. It could be one of my original patterns (I have plenty, and it is my intention that this day of the week will prompt me to get them all typed up finally!), or it could be a link to someone else’s pattern or even a group of patterns.

Saturday & Sunday- at this point, I’m giving myself the weekends off 🙂 My husband doesn’t work weekends, usually, and so these days will be my family time. However, that doesn’t mean that I’ll NEVER post something on these days. It all depends on the moment.

I look forward to putting this plan into action! I hope that you look forward to it too! Have a wonderful day, and see you again soon!



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