Really Easy Ear Warmer Headband- Free Pattern



Really Easy Ear Warmer Headband

© Amanda Bryant 2015


Red Heart Super Saver (I used the color “Claret”)

6.5 mm hook

large eyed/yarn needle

Measurements (unstretched)- 4 inches wide x 19 inches long

Note- You can make this headband wider or thinner by increasing or decreasing the foundation chain by 2 chains at a time (for the “sc, ch 1” pattern to work out there must be an odd number of stitches- for example, 19, 17, 15, 13, 11, etc). You can also make the headband longer or shorter by increasing or decreasing the amount of Row 2 repeats. If you’re making this for yourself, you can stretch it around your head as your work progresses until there is a comfortable fit.


Ch 16

Row 1( RS)- sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, and in each ch thereafter, ch 1, turn (15 sc)

Row 2- sc in the 1st sc, (ch 1, sk next sc, sc in next sc) repeat across, ending with a sc in the last st, ch 1, turn (8 sc and 7 ch-1 spaces)

Repeat Row 2 until piece is about 17 ½  inches long, ending with the completion of a WS row.

Row 3- sc in each sc and in each ch-1 sp across, ch 1, turn (15 sc)

Now, fold the piece together, end to end with RS’s facing each other, and sl st through both thicknesses in each sc from row 3 and each unused loop from the foundation ch across.

Fasten off. Weave in yarn tail ends. Turn right side out and enjoy the cold weather 🙂



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