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So I’ve finally dug out the blanket and am working on getting it finished before the two year wedding anniversary hits (which will be February 17th, FYI)! And, before the really cold winter nights arrive! It’s going to take a bit of time as I have to work during my daughter’s naps. Sometimes her naps last for an hour or two, other times only twenty minutes or so. And each stripe of color takes me about 20-30 minutes (that’s 1 row of dc and 1 row of sc). There are 8 colors in it, each color consisting of 2 rows. To make the blanket a decent length (longer than a throw anyways), I have to repeat these 8 colors two more times, at least. Once this blanket is done, I won’t feel so guilty about starting new projects šŸ™‚


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  1. This is going to be such a pretty blanket! I did a queen sized granny ripple as my second crochet project ever, followed by two other blankets. Now I’m struggling to finish a at least queen sized 9 pointed star before Christmas for my mom! I’m about 40% done on it.


    • This one is almost queen sized. I altered a Red Heart pattern to make it wider but didn’t really take into account what size it would be exactly….I just wanted it to be bigger than a throw. It’s about 1 ft away from being the length of our queen size mattress.


      • LOL When I did my granny ripple I chained too many stitches to begin with. It was *supposed* to be a lap blanket but then I decided to just keep going. Same with the first 9 pointed star I did- also supposed to be small… kept going until queen sized.


      • Actually, I think most of my projects have been altered from the original pattern in some way lol


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