Amanda’s Recycled Bulky Beanie


Once upon a time I made a rather large and overly warm scarf for my husband, who had a long, cold walk to the bus stop every day for work. Knowing my obsession with crocheting, he asked me to make him the scarf. He picked out the yarn himself, and loved the scarf that I made him, as every husband would if their wife made them something 🙂 However, he no longer takes that long walk in the cold and so he gave me the scarf so that I could recycle it into something new.

Now, I can’t remember the exact name of the yarn that I used, except that I am pretty certain it is by Bernat. It’s bulky weight, acrylic, and uber-soft. It came in small skeins (I used about 8 skeins for one scarf). I searched online to find the name of the yarn, as well as the color of it, but alas, I could not find the information.  Perhaps it has been discontinued.  Regardless, I think that any bulky weight yarn of your choice would do, should you wish to use the simple pattern I’m about to share with you. (This hat took only a couple of skeins worth of that yarn to make, so I have some extra left-over yarn which is becoming another hat of a different style).

The hat is a bit on the large size, but only because it’s been made to fit my large head, lol. Actually, I just have a lot of thick hair, so “normal” sized hats are out of the question for me.  But I have noted in the pattern, as a suggestion, where to leave off so that it might fit YOUR head 🙂

Now, on with the pattern….Please be aware, I did not write the pattern down as I went along, but it was so simple to make it’s easy to remember how I made it. It’s very basic, and ideal for a beginner. Having said that, please forgive me if I’ve relayed any of the instructions to you improperly.

Gauge: 6 dc = 2 inches, 3 rounds = 2 inches

Length of hat from crown to brim, 8 inches

Circumference unstretched,  22 inches (my head is roughly 23 inches around)


Bulky weight yarn (about 2-3 small skeins)

Size 9 mm hook

stitch marker

large-eyed yarn needle


Round 1- Start with a magic ring, ch 2, then make 8 dc in the ring. (This first ch-2 does not count as a dc, nor does it count as one throughout the pattern). Join with a slip stitch to the top of the first dc.

Round 2- Ch 2, make 2 dc in each dc around, join (16 dc)

Round 3- Ch 2, (dc in the first dc, 2 dc in the next dc) repeat around, join (24 dc)

Round 4- Ch 2, (dc in each of the first 2 dc, 2 dc in the next dc) repeat around, join (32 dc)

Round 5- Ch 2, (dc in each of the first 3 dc, 2 dc in the next dc) repeat around, join (40 dc) *** stop here for a “normal” sized head and continue to round 7, or proceed to round 6 for a larger head 🙂

Round 6- Ch 2, (dc in each of the firt 4 dc, 2 dc in the next dc) repeat around, join (48 dc)

Rounds 7-11- Ch 2, dc in each dc around, join (48 dc)

Round 12- Ch 1, sc in each dc around, join, fasten off. (48 sc)

Weave in all loose ends, and voila! you are done.

And to show you how it fits on my large head, here is a photo:


As you can see, it just nicely fits over the bottom of my ears and above my eyebrows. Perfect to keep me warm when the winter winds start to blow 🙂 I hope that yours will fit you just as snuggly as mine does!

Have a great day!



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